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   Chapter 745 Tears Of Despair (Part One)

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Sharon walked upstairs and found that Greg's bedroom door was slightly open, and Violet was sitting on the bed. Instead of going into her own bedroom, Sharon decided to confront Violet.

She walked to the door, pushed it open abruptly, and stared at Violet.

Violet was taken aback by the sudden noise, she turned around and saw Sharon.

"Sharon," Violet said coldly, and stood up.

Sharon slowly walked up to Violet, looked at her face and said,"It's just you and me here, you don't need to pretend to be nice to me."

Violet looked towards the door, and didn't see Greg or Dad. It was true, it really was just them in the room. She pulled herself together, looked back at Sharon and said,"I'm not an actor and I don't do things like pretending for no reason."

Disdain reflected in Sharon's eyes. She lifted her right hand and pushed Violet on her shoulder, saying,"Quit it! You said you loved Greg, but when it came to money, you ultimately chose it over him, didn't you?"

Violet knew very well that it was Sharon who had set her up five years ago, and she was the reason why Greg had left her.

"My love for Greg has never changed," Violet answered firmly. But at the moment, she struggled inside while saying that. With Cassie in the picture, Greg was never going to be hers again. What was worse, this woman in front of her had held a grudge against her ever since the day they first met. She felt tired all of a sudden, exhausted by all the events that were happening around her.

"Really? Then why did you accept my money and leave Greg?" Sharon deliberately asked, although she knew the truth better than anyone else.

"You know why. You forced me to take that money. I told you that I loved Greg, even when we were not together," Violet said. She felt depressed

her rage anymore, she swiftly grabbed Violet by her neck and started to choke her. She tightened her death grip slowly. She wanted to kill her.

Violet began to cough, she was finding it harder and harder to breath.

Greg couldn't stand and watch the violence any longer. He shouted,"Let her go!"

Sharon froze when she heard Greg's voice. She loosened her grip on Violet's neck, and turned her trembling body around to face him.

"Let me explain, Greg. It's not what you think," Sharon cried, her hands swinging around frantically as she tried to explain herself.

Violet fell on the bed, her mouth opened widely, trying to intake as much oxygen as possible.

Greg's deep eyes glared at Sharon. He shouted,"Get out!"

Sharon knew that Greg was angry and she didn't want to push her luck. If she tried to explain more, she might end up crawling out of the room.

She shivered as she hurriedly walked away from Greg, and rushed out of the room.

Greg walked towards Violet and immediately saw the red mark on her face. He knew that it was because of Sharon.

Violet adjusted herself quickly and stood up. She looked at Greg, but she couldn't figure out what he was thinking.

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