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   Chapter 740 Misunderstanding (Part Two)

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Forty minutes later, Alice arrived at Violet's house. She rang the bell and Violet answered right away. Finding Violet still in her cotton nightdress, Alice was slightly disappointed. She came in and slumped on the couch, not knowing how to make Violet hasten.

"Miss Violet, why are you still in the nightgown? Hurry up!" Alice urged, almost running out of patience as she gazed at Violet dragging her feet around the house.

"Come on! I'm not hungry despite the fact that I skipped breakfast. We can as well hold off on lunch until later in the day," Violet said as she made her way to the wardrobe for clothes.

"No way I can put off another meal, Violet. After driving all the way, I'm starving now," Alice grumbled. 'Unlike Violet, I don't have a caring husband who cooks for me. Does she even realize that I'm single and not in her privileged position?' Alice thought.

"Had I known this, I would have asked Greg to let Tim bring you breakfast," Violet said casually.

"What are you talking about? I don't need his favors," Alice replied coyly. 'I just met him at the party once. We're not even friends. If he brought me breakfast this morning, I would by no means accept it, ' she pondered.

"Did he do anything wrong to you?" Violet asked on purpose. 'It seems she doesn't like Tim, ' she analyzed inside.

"Of course, he didn't. I don't know him well. He might be your husband's friend, but to me, he is a total stranger. If it hadn't been for Greg, I wouldn't have met him," Alice explained.

"But you already met each other. Besides, he's an up-and-coming businessman. Going by the profile of his hotel, he's doing exceptionally well," Violet spoke for Tim. She intended to introduce him further, but that was all she had gleaned about him from her husband.

"Violet Chu," Alice cried out her bestie's full name deliberately. "My father is the CEO of JS Group. Which do you think is the more influential business in this city, between JS Group an

e off.

Elsewhere, standing by the window of the fifth floor of XS Hospital, a woman had been watching Violet ever since she left the car. But her watchful eyes, unlike Alice's, were full of malice.

Cassie lowered her eyes to look at the photo in her hand, and then shifted her gaze to Violet again, watching her entering the hospital. Her eyes engulfed in deep hatred.

"What's so good about you to fascinate Greg, Violet?" Cassie mumbled through gritted teeth.

Dropping the picture on the desk, she turned around and walked out of her office.

When she reached Greg's office, she found Greg talking to a nurse in his seat. Knowing he was busy, she stood by the door and waited, fretting and fuming.

After a while, the nurse came out with a patient's file. Cassie then entered and closed the door.

"What are you doing here?" Greg asked with a baffled look, sizing up Cassie. 'She is on duty. We got nothing to discuss since we're in different sections. What brings here?' he wondered.

"I've missed you. I haven't seen your face for days," Cassie answered while walking towards Greg. She paused beside the desk. Staring at Greg's handsome profile with a lustful, possessive urge.

"It's working time. I need to focus on my work. Please go out now," Greg said with knotted brows, looking away.

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