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   Chapter 738 A Fight (Part Three)

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"I can't accept it. I can't stand it," Violet finally shouted out, letting out all the anger and sadness inside her.

"You have to accept this fact," said Alice. She thought that she couldn't be tender to Violet now. She had to be hard on Violet. By doing that she would be able to put some sense in her head.

Alice then added,"Listen to me very carefully. That woman did love Greg, but Greg didn't accept her love. You know him well. Once Greg loves someone, he will never change his love for her. And you are the woman whom Greg loves. Cassie did embrace Greg at the party, so what? Did you give Greg a chance to explain it to you? Maybe it was only an embrace because they had met after such a long time? People living abroad usually greet each other with hugs, you know that, don't you?"

Violet sat still, she had no words to say.

There was a long silence. Alice was observing Violet's expression and she wanted to make sure that she was feeling better, so Alice became more tender.

"Violet," Alice called her name softly.

Violet looked at Alice and replied,"Alice."

"You should believe in Greg and his love for you," said Alice. She was very worried about Violet. Alice believed that Greg loved Violet deeply. And she was the only one Greg loved. Now they were married. If he had not loved her, he would never have come back to her after five years. This proved that Greg loved Violet. It wouldn't be wise to end their marriage just because of a small misunderstanding.

"But when I know that both Greg and Cassie work in XS Hospital, I get angry. She enjoys the chance to see Greg every day in the hospital," said Violet. She was worried about that. Greg was important for her, she cared everything about him.

"Do you believe in Greg's lov


She went to the kitchen and saw Greg busy there, she then realized that it was he who was cooking.

Violet strode towards Greg and embraced him from the back, leaning on his back so that she could feel his warmth.

Greg didn't show any surprise. He just smiled and stopped whatever he was doing, saying,"So, you have woken up?"

"Yes, but why didn't you wake me up?" asked Violet.

"I wanted to prepare the food before waking you up. I see now there's no need of that," said Greg. And then he turned around, looked at Violet, and asked,"Have you eaten anything today?"

Violet shook her head, saying nothing.

"There was food in the refrigerator, why didn't you eat it?" Greg's heart ached. She had stayed hungry the whole day and he blamed himself for that.

"I didn't want to eat anything," said Violet, acting like a spoiled child. In front of Greg, she always wanted to pretend like a spoiled wife.

"I have made lots of delicious food for us. You will surely enjoy the dinner. Go and wash your hands. We are going to have some dinner," said Greg.

"Okay," Violet nodded, running out of the kitchen like a happy child.

Greg also smiled happily.

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