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   Chapter 737 A Fight (Part Two)

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"Violet, please trust me. There is nothing going on between me and Cassie. We were only classmates at the university. There is nothing more than that," he said. Greg became quiet after that as he did not know what more to say to her.

"Ho-ho," Violet cried helplessly. Her eyes were glazed. "Greg, when we got married, I did not doubt you a little bit, I only loved you unconditionally. I forgot my desire for a wedding ring, ceremony and even a wedding dress because I was happy that you were only mine. But, now I am not so sure whether my confidence on you was right."

"Violet Chu," shouted Greg. He let go of her hand, stood up, and shouted,"Don't you believe me? For me, she is only a friend. I have never ever loved her."

Although Greg was quite excited, Violet still didn't change her expression. It was as if she had known all the time that how Greg would react to it. She kept sitting there still.

Her coldness made Greg's heart sink. He shouted angrily,"Yes, she loves me. Five years ago, when I broke up with you, she used to take care of me. But I didn't accept her because I still loved you. Now I am married. Even now I won't accept her love."

Feeling disappointed, Greg left the bedroom in anger.

Then, Violet heard the sound of the door being slammed. Tears ran down her face. She knew that Greg had left the home.

It was cold. The room was dark. Violet was still lying in the bed, but her eyes were open. She didn't feel sleepy. She was all alone in the big bedroom. It was the first time that she was feeling scared and lonely.

Tears washed her pillow. While Violet held the quilt tightly, she wrapped herself with the quilt so that she may no longer feel afraid. There was nobody to take care of her. She wa

lice even once. She said,"Please go to have a seat in the living room, just leave me alone for the time being."

Alice looked around to find Greg, but she didn't see him. This made her very angry. She asked Violet,"Where is Greg? Does he know what a terrible mess he has made and that you are so upset because of him?"

Violet didn't reply, as if what Alice had said did not concern her.

Alice thought that it wasn't good to leave Violet alone, so she seized Violet's arm and forcibly took her out of the bathroom.

Alice pulled Violet to the sofa, and both of them sat on it together. Alice looked at Violet and shouted,"Why do you look so down? Even though Greg had loved someone during those five years, it really doesn't matter. You two were separated from each other at that time."

Alice's words hurt Violet's ears hard.

Alice's words seemed to work. Violet's mood uplifted a little and she did not seem as upset as she was a moment ago.

Noticing the change in her mood, Alice added,"Violet, you know well how charming Greg is. It is normal if other women get attracted to him. Why are you tormenting yourself because of such a small issue?"

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