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   Chapter 733 Meeting Cassie At The Party (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-03-03 07:54

"Greg," called Cassie merrily from behind Greg.

Greg turned around and saw Cassie. With eyes beaming with amazement, he asked with furrowed brows,"Cassie! What are you doing here? Who invited you to this party?"

Greg never expected Cassie would appear there. He didn't invite her, nor did the JS Group. 'What's going on?' he wondered with a baffled expression.

"My cousin received your invitation. I came here with him," Cassie replied, ignoring the fact that Greg was displeased to see her there. She was so glad to finally meet him.

"Who is your cousin?" Greg asked, confounded. 'She has a cousin in this city? Why did I never hear about this earlier?' he wondered.

"His name is Francis. We came back from abroad a few days ago," Cassie answered.

Greg tried to remember if he knew someone by that name. He didn't know many rich young men from the upper class. And he'd never heard about this Francis from anyone.

Judging by Greg's expression, Cassie assumed what he was thinking.

"Francis owns an international investment company abroad. After we decided to return, his company was settled here. That's why he was invited," Cassie said. If it wasn't Greg asking, she wouldn't have wasted her time in explaining.

Satisfied with her explanation, Greg heaved a sigh of relief inside. He looked around and noticed that there were only a few guests around him. He didn't want the others to misunderstand his relationship with her. After all, so many people kept an eye on him.

"Well then, thank you for coming. I hope you enjoy yourself tonight," Greg said courteously. He turned around and started to walk away.

Surprised by Greg's behavior, Cassie leaned forward and held his arms. "Why are you dodging me, Greg? Am I a stranger to you now?" she asked with a wronged look.

ng Violet. She looked surprised, but not panicked. He noticed that she wasn't looking at him anymore. 'Why is she staring at the window? What is she looking at?' he thought.

He followed the direction of Violet's gaze. The scene that was unfolding downstairs left him speechless.

It looked like a romantic moment. With her arms around the man's neck, the woman was kissing him affectionately on her tiptoes. The man stood motionless in the dim light. Francis could only see the man's back.

Violet had a clear image of half of the woman's face. She was a beauty with delicate make-up and she was dressed for the occasion. 'And she is kissing my husband, ' she thought wryly.

Heartbroken, Violet couldn't hold back anymore. Tears flowed out of her eyes. Clenching her fists, she mulled desperately, 'This party is to celebrate our marriage. How could you do this to me?'

Francis recognized the woman as Cassie. He surmised that the man she was kissing must be Greg. As far as he knew, Greg was the only one who could make his cousin do such a crazy thing. But he didn't understand why the woman in front of him was crying at that sight. 'It's strange to see her act like that, ' he thought.

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