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   Chapter 730 The Party Begins (Part One)

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"Come on, let bygones be bygones. We lead a good life now, don't we?" Alice consoled. Gladly, Alice changed the topic. "I heard you're an expert hand at marketing. Do you often deal directly with clients? Have you ever encountered difficult customers?" she asked with interest.

"Actually, I've had more than my fair share," Violet replied without a second thought.

"Tell me now. I'd like to know more," Alice urged excitedly.

"I once went to a restaurant to meet a client with a contract..." Violet reflected.

Three days later

It would be the most grand party held by JS Group, one of the four biggest enterprises within the city. Invitations were sent out to an A-list of public figures, both from the government and the private sector.

In the hotel, Francis stood outside a room, knocking at the door.

"Are you ready, Cassie? Hurry up, or we'll be late," he urged impatiently. 'The party will begin at 8:00. Now it's already 7:00. Can we arrive there in an hour?' he wondered.

From behind the door, Cassie answered,"Wait a moment, please. I'm almost ready."

Running out of patience, Francis leaned against the wall in the corridor. 'Women can be difficult, ' he complained inside.

After quite a while, Cassie opened the door. Glowing in a pink evening dress, she walked towards Francis, clutching an elegant leather handbag in her hand.

"Does it look good on me, Francis?" Cassie asked, posing with her hands on her hips. She wanted to hear some compliments on her dress from Francis.

"Pretty good. You're stunning. You look good whatever you wear," Francis praised, but he avoided eye contact. Lately, his mind had been rapt on Violet, although he had only met her once.

"You even didn't have a look," Cassie grumbled angrily, noticing that Francis was absentminded.

"Come on, Cassie. Hurry up. Or we'll be late," Francis c

ighborn, I bet," added a middle-aged lady, peering behind stylish flat top glasses.

In a moment, Violet became the focus of the party. With great admiration, a sizable section of the guests talked about her. Watching the three young people walking onto the stage, Wilson, Derek and Mond smiled approvingly.

"I wish Jackson was here to see how finely his daughter has turned out," Derek began with a brilliant smile.

"You can send him a video. Cherry will be elated for that," Mond jokingly said. Fixing his eyes on the confident Violet, he sincerely felt happy for her. 'She made her appearance in public. Now she becomes the real rich young lady, distinguished and highly respectable, ' he thought with satisfied pride.

"Most likely, Violet already put her mommy in the loop about all these," Wilson cut in, laughing with delight.

"Your words make sense," Mond followed.

Selina and Amy stood together, holding a glass of wine each. Taking a sip of her wine, Selina said with delight,"Look! Our little girls have grown into excellent ladies."

"Yeah, so is Greg. They make quite a perfect. I'm so glad to see them," Amy returned.

"Now, Alice came back. I guess that the two girls will stick together," Selina said. .

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