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   Chapter 729 Sisters' Pillow Talk (Part Three)

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"Fortunately, my instructor had a talk with me after class and I told her my intentions of designing. She didn't censure me but gave me lots of pointers. She told me that to cover someone's defects, the design must be unique and distinctive. I had to find out a one-of-a-kind style for people with defects," said Alice, smiling. She felt an immense gratefulness to that instructor. Without her guidance, she wouldn't have designed the special evening dress for Violet and she wouldn't have won first prize. Throughout the years, she had insisted in her own design style, even though she would sometimes be ridiculed by her peers and others outside of her circles. Her only motivation was the instructor's recognition and encouragement and her goal of turning Violet into the most attractive woman in the world. Now she did it!

"Thank you, Alice!" Violet was deeply touched and this was all she could say. She had the most amazing friend in the world. Violet was the center of Alice's design career.

"Violet, let me tell you. You are the biggest inspiration in my heart. I told myself that I had to protect you and be with you. Though I had a tough time abroad, all I had to do was think of you and it made me very happy. Now, I have had my day and my design is highly recognized in the fashion community. I could design fashionable clothes even for detectives, but my classmates could only design mass production clothes. I had the advantage over them and you are the person who brought me that advantage." A?smile?of?joy?flitted?across?Alice's?face.

"You've gone through a lot to get where you are today." Violet put her hand on Alice's shoulder and snuggled next to her. She knew how much Alice had suffered for her achievements. As the saying goes,"Behind each success are blood, sweat and tears." It was the same for Alice.

"Maybe..." Alice didn't deny it. She didn't hide anything from Violet. "I usually spent my spare time in the library to browse magazines. I also d

Violet as she caressed her hair.

Violet looked up to Alice and continued to say,"Alice, do you know? You are the person I feel sorry to, the most. Greg and my brother after all are men and they have stronger endurance. But you are a girl and you..."

Before she could finish her words, her mouth was covered by Alice's hand.

Alice interrupted her,"Don't say that, Violet! Let me tell you. Before I was ten years old, my only dream was to stay with you every day and we can go abroad together for further study. I always imagined us learning anything within our interests. But that year, when that thing happened, I made up my mind to become a fashion designer. I should thank you because you were the one who pushed me to build that dream. And I like this field. Look! I've already had certain achievements. So, don't feel guilty and don't put the blame on yourself, okay?"

Violet gratefully looked at Alice, not knowing how to express her gratitude.

"Actually, if you did not get hurt then, perhaps we may still have chosen fashion design together, right? So, let it be and don't feel sorry for me at all! I am really living a happy life!" Alice gave her an encouraging smile and continued,"Actually, this is what I had to experience."

Alice's words consoled Violet a lot and she gently nodded her head.

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