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   Chapter 726 Alice Returned Home (Part Three)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 5670

Updated: 2019-03-02 06:24

Alice said to herself, 'Violet, I wish you to get back what you've lost and live happily in the future."

Finally, Violet nodded her head in agreement with Alice.

Greg had a strange feeling when he saw that Violet hesitated and then agreed on Alice's suggestion. He had also tried to help Violet out in the past. But when he saw that she was unwilling, he didn't force her anymore. He only wanted her to do whatever she wanted to do and spoil her. But just now, due to Alice's insistence, Violet agreed to hold a wedding. He knew that he should try his best to make her the most beautiful bride. He agreed to hold a great wedding, attracting utmost attention.

Amy said,"I'm really happy that my two daughters are so good to each other." Her eyes were filled with tears.

Alice replied,"Mom, I won't leave you anymore. I'll stay home with you and Dad forever." She knew her mother well. She was the only child of her parents and they must miss her very much when she studied abroad all those years.

Violet also promised,"Me too. Aunt Amy, whenever I have spare time, I'll visit you with Greg and have a meal with you. Don't send us away when we do come over."

Amy quickly said,"Are you kidding? Of course I won't. I'll cook delicious food for you when you come." These young people made her happy whenever they came over.

Derek also smiled and said,"Alice, before you came back today, I've actually already talked to your Uncle Mond and we've planned to hold a big party to welcome you and Joe after you two come back. And I wasn't expecting that you would suggest holding a party yourself. So I guess I have to do as you said."

"Daddy, Joe has no plan to come back. You know that

w and don't you think you should consider getting a man for yourself?" Violet suddenly asked.

Before Alice could reply, Greg turned to Derek and suggested,"Uncle Derek, I think you should find someone whom you can arrange a marriage for Alice, tomorrow. Remember to find her a bossy type of guy, so that he could deal with Alice."

Derek just smiled and replied nothing, because he was afraid that his daughter might get mad at him. But actually he thought exactly the same as Greg. His daughter was now ready as an adult. She could now get married and have a baby, give him a grandchild and generally be happier.

"Ohhh I see. So, Greg and Violet, you two are ganging up on me?" Alice seemed to realize the situation just now.

Violet carefully said,"Alice, no, we're not ganging up on you."

Alice didn't see any other way around it, so she had to say,"Well, tonight Greg must sleep in guest room and Violet, you belong to me tonight."

Greg said with his mouth full of food,"I've been ready to sleep in the guest room so you can threaten me with this all you want."

"Oh! You... I'm gonna go crazy," Alice said.

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