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   Chapter 725 Alice Returned Home (Part Two)

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Again, she felt that she shouldn't have said that. Violet was already married and the guy she married was right in front of them, driving. Greg might think of it as inappropriate and dislike her for wanting to take Violet from him.

So she quickly said,"You know what, forget about what I said. I'm sorry. I..." She was a little embarrassed.

Violet brushed it off. "That's fine, Alice. I'm in charge of my family and I can sleep with you tonight." Then she looked at Greg and asked,"Honey, is that okay?"

Greg laughed and asked,"Do I have the right to say no?" Deep inside, he was glad to allow his wife to have some girl bonding time with Alice.

"No, you don't!" Violet and Alice replied at the same time. They looked at each other and giggled, happy about the connection that they had.

Greg simply replied,"Then no." He pretended to be sad and continued,"Oh, it seems that I have to sleep alone in the guest room tonight."

Alice suddenly asked,"Wait, I'm staying in your house tonight? I thought Violet was sleeping over at our house!"

Violet happily replied,"Well, I've asked Lily to clean the guest room. You and I will sleep in the master bedroom and Greg will sleep in the guest room."

Alice said,"Great! I'm cool with that. Violet, I love you." Then she opened her arms and hugged Violet.

Violet also hugged Alice back. "I love you too, Alice!"

As they hugged in the back seat, Greg, in the same car, just smiled and kept driving.

When they got to the restaurant, a waiter ushered them to a separate room.

Violet opened the door and walked in. When she saw Derek and Amy, she happily said,"Uncle, Auntie, Look who's here!"

Behind her, Alice entered the room and when she saw her parents, she quickly walked to them, and first hugged Amy,"Mommy, I'm back!"

Amy said,"My Alice, you're finally home! It has been such a long time." She felt great hugging her daughter tightly.

Then Alice went t

at their daughter wanted to host the wedding ceremony for her best friend. Derek couldn't agree more.

Derek directly said,"Okay, I will do it. Let's hold the party three days from now and start inviting friends."

While she was ecstatic about the whole thing, Violet still had some worries inside. She hadn't gone to any party since she was ten years old and she felt nervous to be at a party now. Not to mention being at the center of it. She said,"But uncle..."

Alice held Violet's hand and firmly said,"Violet, do you trust me?"

Violet looked into her eyes, nodded her head and said,"Yes, of course."

"Then don't worry about anything. Trust in my designing ability and trust Greg. He will protect you and I will make you the focus of the party. Violet Chu, remember you're the princess of the Chu family." Her words showed that she was determined and left Violet no chance to hesitate.

Staring at Violet's face, Alice felt sad for her and thought, 'Violet's face is so beautiful and she is supposed to attract people's attention and be applauded. But she looks like a commoner. I'm so sad for her. For so many years, she has been avoiding the limelight, trying not to be the center of attention. Now, I want to help her rediscover herself and restore what she had lost.'

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