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   Chapter 722 Violet's Call With Alice (Part Two)

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"That's not fair Violet. You know I'm coming back alone," Alice said, in a slightly bitter tone,"I am single. Not like you, I don't have anyone to care about me. Poor, lonely Alice," she whined and pretended to sob.

Alice was joking really. She knew Violet understood that this was all a play act to amuse the two of them.

"Come on," Violet coaxed,"You won't be alone here. Once you're back, then you'll be with me. Do you remember our promise that we're never going to part." She hoped the words comforted Alice, because she knew deep down she cared. Thinking of her and Alice being friends forever made Violet feel warm inside.

"Yeah, we'll be together forever," Alice echoed decisively.

"Have you told Uncle Derek and Aunt Amy that you're coming back?" Violet interjected.

"Nope, not yet. I wanted to tell you first. I'm planning to call them later, otherwise I'll be in big trouble when I get home!" she answered, making a mental note to remember to call them.

"Oh, they'll be so pleased. I saw them the other day and they are dying for you to get back. You better tell them today," Violet responded.

"I promise, I'm going to call them later, I've made a note of it," Alice responded,"Eh, your brother told me that he won't make it home for now. What do you make of that?" she continued tentatively.

"He just loves being away I guess, and loves the country he lives in now. I'm not sure he wants to see me, to be honest," she faltered,"Since our parents are away, I'm the only one here and I'm not sure he wants to be around me." She could only get the words out to Alice.

"I'd hate to think that, but him loving being abroad makes sense. Other than that, I can't imagine another reason why he wouldn't come back," Alice tried to reassure her.

"Well there might be one other reason," Violet countered, her eyes brightening as she thought of it.

"Oh yeah, what's that then?" Alice enquired, curious to hear her friend's thoughts.

"Well, perhaps he's found a lady abroad, so he has no desire to come back," Violet proffered, convincing herself this was the case.

Greg was amuse

ms around his neck and brushing gently off it with her hair. She snuggled in closer, lowering her voice. "Please say yes, honey," she cooed in his ear.

"I can take the time off. I don't have many appointments tomorrow afternoon, but..." Greg paused, thinking, 'Should I punish her? She said that Alice was more important than me.'

"But what darling? Just tell me, I'll do whatever you please," Violet beseeched him. This was just what Greg wanted. Violet gave in before he had even asked anything of her.

"Oh really? Well since you've mentioned it," a wry smile played on his features as he continued,"Let's take a shower together together this evening, and then..."

Violet stopped him. "I know what you want," she said, thinking, 'he has been so well-behaved these past few days. Now, he's asking for what he wants in return."

"And, do you agree?" Greg asked, wanting to hear her say it. When he didn't get a response, he continued,"If you agree, I won't go into work tomorrow."

"Well," Violet hesitated, drawing herself up from the table. She pondered on it a few moments and came to a decision. "Take the day off from the hospital." She nodded, gazing at her husband.

Greg was thrilled. "I don't need to ask for a holiday, I'm due them anyway." He responded, beaming at her.

He began putting the dishes away and told Violet,"You get the bathroom ready and I'll clean up the kitchen."

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