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   Chapter 718 Greg's Old Lover Comes Back (Part Three)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 5849

Updated: 2019-02-28 00:16

As she watched Francis lower his head and approach her, Violet was overcome with fear. "What... what do you want?" she faltered like a panic-stricken bunny.

"I just want to have a good look at you. Is there a problem with that?" Francis said as he raised a corner of his lips. He then continued in a wicked tone,"You look pretty up close. If you dressed up, I'm sure many men will be infatuated with you."

"You're mad. Let me go," Violet shouted at him, as she struggled to slip away from his grip. However, Francis held her arms in place tightly, leaving her attempt in vain.

"Are you trying to escape?" Francis asked, while his heart started to race. All of a sudden, he was feeling very reluctant to let the woman go. Obsessively, he fixed his eyes on her like she was his prey.

"What... What are you doing?" Violet asked, terrified. As Francis inched closer to her, Violet sensed the danger.

Completely out of control, Francis drew nearer to Violet and resigned to the desire.

Feeling Francis' breath on her face, Violet knew that he was trying to kiss her.

She used all her strength to push Francis away and slapped him hard across the face.

The sound of the slap resounded in their ears. Francis An froze and felt his face burn from the pain. He couldn't even think clearly.

As Francis stood motionless, Violet grabbed the opportunity and ran away quickly.

A wry smile tugged at the corner of his mouth. Francis An teased himself, 'Damn it! I even tried to kiss her. She is just a silly and shallow woman. Why would my heart beat faster than usual for her? I should probably go to the hospital and get an ECG to check my heart. And she even hit me! No one has dared to treat me like that before. Even my parents have n

p? You don't want to answer the phone, do you?" Francis An asked gingerly. He read Cassie's mind. Judging from her expression, he knew she was upset by the call.

Cassie remained silent.

Francis surmised that it was probably a call from someone who was eager to know which hospital Cassie had chosen to work for.

"Just answer it. You need to face it sooner or later," Francis advised. He was worried about her. She had never experienced hardships like this since she was born. She was an ambitious girl and had high standards. Driven by pride, she never allowed herself to lose in relationships or her career. Among all the hospitals in the city, only XS Hospital had enough reputation and status. Working in any other hospital would be a waste of her talent.

Cassie took her cousin's advice and picked up the call.

"Hello, is this Miss Cassie speaking? There's only ten minutes left. May I know your decision now?" a polite, mellowed voice resounded through the phone. No one could have found any faults in the speaker's words.

"I will be working in XS Hospital. You can publish that news now," Cassie answered briefly and then hung up the phone.

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