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   Chapter 717 Greg's Old Lover Comes Back (Part Two)

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Cassie doubted him. Before coming here, she had heard a great deal about Francis. 'How is it possible? Old habits die hard. I don't think he can change so soon after coming to this city, ' she mused.

"You heard me," Francis An said firmly,"I haven't made any friends here yet since I never went out to any clubs."

Francis' explanation convinced Cassie slightly. "I see. You won't create any trouble again, will you?" she asked, with a worried look.

"I don't know. That depends on the women in this city," Francis answered. He had no idea what was going to happen in his life now. He was going to start a new life here, but he wasn't sure if it was the life he had wanted.

"Anyway, keep a low profile and behave yourself here. When you were abroad, my Dad and Uncle could help you clean up your mess. But now, no one can help you. I'm not a big shot, so you can't count on me. Be careful and don't create any trouble, okay?" Cassie warned. 'If he does get into trouble, I don't know how to help him, ' she thought to herself.

"Don't worry about it. Before coming here, Dad had told me that he has some old friends here and they are influential people. I have never met them before. But if we have any issues, we can tell my Dad. He will ask them for help," Francis An responded. He wasn't worried about all that. 'I chose this city because I am familiar with it. Otherwise I wouldn't have traveled so far out, ' he brooded.

"I know that you fear nothing," Cassie said laughing,"Let's eat, and then take me to the hotel."

"Okay," Francis An agreed.

After half an hour of eating some delicious food, Violet's hunger had disappeared. She touched her stomach and looked at the leftovers on the table. There wasn't much food left.

"Are you full?" Gr

te in apparel. 'Perhaps he prefers clothing made for male models or of Korean style, ' she assumed.

"Are you done checking me out?" Francis asked in despise. He had noticed that the woman was looking at him. He was irritated at how she was staring at him up and down.

"Are you kidding me? I wasn't looking at you," Violet argued. "This place is spacious enough. Now that you can see me, why don't you avoid running into me anymore?" She glowered at him.

Francis gave a cold laugh. He remarked in contempt,"Why would I even look at an idiot like you?"

As soon as he finished his sentence, he intended to walk past Violet. 'It's a waste of my time talking to such an ignorant, appearance-oriented woman, ' he thought.

"You're the idiot, not me. And you also look like a kept man," Violet seethed.

Francis An froze when he heard her calling him a kept-man. He swiftly turned around, grabbed Violet's arms tightly and pushed her to the wall. The man's abrupt movement left Violet in shock.

Before Violet could realize what was going on, Francis was standing in front of Violet. He stretched out and put his hands against the wall, leaving her no room to escape.

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