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   Chapter 715 The Happily Married Couple (Part Four)

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"Does that mean all your patients are male?" Violet again asked. After a pause, she continued,"But generally, one thing I know is that there are more female patients than male patients who need plastic surgery, right?"

"To be true all patients that I met today were female," Greg replied. As soon as he had finished his words, he saw Violet move her lips and it looked as if she wanted to say something. He then hurriedly explained,"But none of them can be called beauty in the true sense of the word."

"So what's the definition of beauty in your mind?" Violet asked. Greg worked in a plastic surgery hospital and that meant meeting quite a number of women every day, so she didn't believe that none of his patients was actually beautiful.

"Only a woman as beautiful as my wife can be called a beauty," replied Greg, bringing his face close to Violet's.

Seeing him coming so close, Violet smelled trouble. She immediately stopped Greg and said,"You're fooling me again."

"No, I'm not fooling you. I'm just telling you the truth," Greg answered.

"Well, I think it is pointless having this discussion with you. Let's go for dinner," said Violet, holding Greg's hands as she left the house.

When Greg was driving the car, Violet sat comfortably in the passenger seat. Humming a song she looked very happy and contented with h

he wanted to do with her.

"Violet, I feel you need to eat properly when we have dinner tonight, alright?" Greg deliberately said.

"But, why? Overeating at night will make me fat," replied Violet. She could not understand what he was trying to say and neither did she notice his wry smile.

"You can digest it even if you eat a lot at night, you know?" said Greg.

"How will I be able to digest so much food? We don't have a treadmill in our home," Violet answered. If Greg wanted her to look slim, he would have to arrange a treadmill for her.

"Why do we need the treadmill? We don't have a gym," replied Greg.

Greg continued with a smile on his face,"I can help you digest all that food."

"What do you mean by that?" Violet still was not able to understand what Greg meant.

"We can burn some calories while on the bed."

"Greg, you are a dirty bastard!"


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