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   Chapter 713 The Happily Married Couple (Part Two)

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Maintaining a serious look on his face, Tim finally said,"Cassie was one of your classmates at college if I am not wrong? And you both were a couple at that time, weren't you?"

"Get to the point," demanded Greg, his head lowered down. He didn't want to look at Tim's eyes, but he knew in his heart that whatever Tim was saying was true. Greg knew that his friend would have done a comprehensive investigation.

"When she came back home, she told one of her friends who is a well-known journalist that she has come to China to find the missing part of her heart," said Tim, looking at Greg continuously. He paused for a second and went on,"You are the missing part of her heart, aren't you?"

Greg kept silent and didn't reply back.

Tim then continued,"I also found out that Cassie's parents are all abroad. She has come back to China all alone. No one takes such a big risk until they know what they want to get by taking that step. Cassie has always got what she has wanted and she would not want to lose her winning streak by any chance. If she has come back to China all alone, it means that she wants something or someone and she will go to any extent to get that person or thing back in her life."

Tim stressed the last few words of his last sentence rather emphatically. If his guess wasn't wrong, Cassie had come back to China only for Greg. From what he had learned in his investigation, she still loved Greg and wanted him at any cost.

Greg kept quite while Tim was telling him everything.

Tim became silent after he had said everything. He had told Greg the information he had and now it was Greg's turn to say something about the entire matter.

"When I went abroad,

who loved him so much? Violet was totally dependent on him, and his separation made her sad and moody. Knowing her nature how could he tell Violet about Cassie? She would be so upset. Once she got to know would she feel so disappointed and upset with him? Would she feel bad or understand the whole matter?

Tim suddenly didn't know what to say to Greg. After thinking for a moment, he asked,"Does Violet know about Cassie and that she has come back?"

"No, I haven't told her about Cassie," answered Greg.

"Well, you need to figure out what all to tell her about Cassie. I guess you would be worried more about Violet now," said Tim. He then went on,"For the time being, Cassie is living in a hotel. All hospitals, including your XS Hospital, are waiting for her to join them. Nobody knows which hospital she will decide to work in. I hope it is not XS hospital."

Obviously, Greg and Tim already knew what Cassie's answer was going to be. Since Cassie had come back to China for Greg, it was not difficult to guess which hospital she would join now.

"The only person I'm worried about now is Violet," said Greg.

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