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   Chapter 709 News About Her (Part One)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 6290

Updated: 2019-02-26 00:17

Hearing the young couple's sweet dialogue, Derek and Amy exchanged glances and grinned together.

"Violet, you bullied your brother as a kid, and now Greg is your target," Amy teased.

"Auntie, my brother was a brat who sometimes needed to be kept in check for all his haughtiness. As for Greg," Violet echoed as she squinted at Greg,"he sometimes also bullies me."

Without a word, Greg simply smiled. 'There is no need to retort. Her happiness is what I want, ' he thought to himself.

"Now that you've spoken of your brother, I think he is the happiest fellow in the world," Derek cut in while eating.

"Why do you say that, Uncle?" Violet asked, casting Derek a skeptical glance. 'Is there anything I don't know about my brother?' she wondered.

"You father is focusing on exploiting the oversea market. And from the look of things, he's doing it for your brother. When your brother inherits the JC Group, he'll have all executive powers and no one will question his qualification," Derek explained. "Besides, your brother will turn 28 this year, right? Just the right age for him to get married and settle down in life and he has a solid educational background. To top it all, he is the rightful heir to the JC Group. I guess that lots of influential, wealthy families would give anything to marry off their daughters to your brother," he added.

"Who knows?" Violet remarked with a dispassionate air. "What if my brother returns from abroad with his girlfriend?" she added, a hint of doubt registering on her face.

Shaking his head, Derek disagreed,"That's very unlikely. I know your brother." But his voice betrayed uncertainty.

"Lawrence is an excellent lad. I think so many girls would fall for him," Amy followed.

"But Lawrence is particular about girls. I don't think just any girl can win his heart," Derek remarked. 'Lawrence is as dutiful as h

True. We should. Although we haven't held a wedding ceremony, we need to visit close relatives for formal introductions."

"Exactly. I lived in Uncle Wilson's house, grandpa and grandma are fond of me. Besides, Aunt Selina and I have always been best friends. She's that one person with whom I'd share all my secrets," Violet said heartily. At the thought of her shrewd aunt, she couldn't help but feel happy and grateful. Staying with Selina had saved Violet many unpleasant things. Thanks to care, company, and encouragement from her loving aunt, Violet had led a happy life these years.

"Is that so?" Greg asked on purpose. Slowly he lowered his head to get his face got closer to his beautiful wife's. "So is there anything I don't know about you?" he asked with a smirk.

"No, there isn't. You know all my secrets," Violet replied. Reading Greg's mind, she stretched out and put her hand between her face and Greg's.

"If you have any secrets, you better let me know. Otherwise," Greg said in an overbearing manner. He drew nearer and whispered in his lovely wife's ear,"I will eat you."

"Well, stop joking," Violet returned bashfully. Her husband's tantalizing words made her flesh creep. After composing herself, she began,"But..."

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