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   Chapter 708 Visiting Amy And Derek (Part Three)

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Updated: 2019-02-26 00:07

Amy said,"I don't know, either. Alice hasn't told me anything. You can ask her when she comes back. She will probably be back in a day or two." A smile appeared on Amy's face the moment she thought about her daughter's return. Soon, both her daughters, birth and sworn, would be around her and she would be overjoyed.

"Fine, I really want to see what surprise she has for me," Violet said. She couldn't figure out what Alice was planning.

The three of them were talking merrily in the living room until noon, and soon Derek came downstairs.

"Uncle Derek," The moment Violet saw Derek climb down the stairs, she greeted him, happily ran to him and hugged him.

Derek laughed and said,"Oh, my baby Violet! It looks like you have had a wonderful honeymoon." Then he turned to Greg.

"Hello, Uncle Derek," Greg quickly greeted him politely when he noticed that Derek was looking at him. Derek was the CEO of JS Group and he was quite famous in this city.

Derek smiled and said,"Hi, Greg. I've seen you when you were a little kid. But I haven't had the chance to meet you after you had grown up. I didn't think you'd grow up to be this handsome. But you look exactly like your father when he was young. A friend was talking about you during a dinner with me a few days ago. You're a talented young man."

Greg modestly replied,"I'm flattered that you think so highly of me." He knew that his father was in a good relationship with Derek. He had no idea what Derek's friend had told about him, but he wasn't surprised. He was from one of the upper class families and his name was bound to come up during conversations.


to play the piano and came across your uncle there." She could never forget that day when she had met Derek for the first time. That man had entered her heart during their very first meet and she had loved him ever since.

"And you two entered into a serious relationship at that time?" Violet asked, amazed. "And then you got married?" She stared at the two of them unbelievably.

Amy nodded her head and replied,"Yes."

Violet said,"That's so romantic! Why haven't I ever come across a guy like that who deserves to be held and cherished?" She complained, looked at Greg and pretended to be regretful. She wanted to see how he would react to her words.

Greg declared simply and quickly, leaving no time for Violet to retort,"That's because you're destined to be mine. And hence, no other guy is allowed to exist in your life." And he thought to himself, 'This silly little woman, why would she want to have an impossible chance encounter? Even if she came across some guy, I would stop them from falling in love. Violet is mine and no one will be able to take her away from me.'

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