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   Chapter 707 Visiting Amy And Derek (Part Two)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 5592

Updated: 2019-02-25 17:15

Amy replied,"Okay, okay. Good kids. I'll be down there in a minute to open the door for you." Then she quickly put down the clothes in her hand and rushed downstairs.

When she opened the door, Amy saw Greg and Violet, and she immediately thought how handsome Greg was and knew that he was one of the best men amongst the new generation.

Greg greeted Amy, following Violet,"Hello, Aunt Amy."

"So you're Greg? You are so handsome and polite," Amy complimented Greg.

"Aunt Amy! Since Greg is here, you're totally ignoring me, aren't you?" Violet pouted. Usually, Amy would dote her and pay so much attention to her whenever they met. But this time, Greg sucked the air out of the room and Amy didn't even look at her.

Amy quickly said,"No, no, no. My baby daughter, you're the apple of my eye." She took Violet's arm and said,"Come in, come in. Don't just stand outside."

Violet said as she walked into the house,"Aunt Amy, I've bought so many things for you."

Amy replied,"You silly girl. Next time you come here with Greg, don't buy so much stuff. Your uncle and I don't need all these. We have everything we need at home." She didn't want the kids to spend money on her.

Violet said,"Don't say that, Aunt Amy. These are a token of our love for you. Besides, Greg and I didn't hold a proper wedding, so it's only natural that we come to visit uncle and you with gifts."

"Oh, you're always so sweet and sensible. Every time I see you, I feel immensely happy," Amy said, laughing.

Violet asked,"Are you not happy here?"

"Yes, I am. You know, Alice has gone abroad and she is not with me anymore. So I feel quite lonely at home. It's great that yo

ery time she called him, he would answer the phone quickly and talk to her for a while. But Violet still worried if he was busy and whether she was bothering him. He never mentioned work in front of her and even if he were busy, he wouldn't tell her.

Greg noticed that Violet seemed to be upset and he knew that she was thinking about her father. But he didn't say anything. He just smiled at Amy and changed the topic. "I heard that Alice will be home in a few days. Is that true?"

Greg tried to distract Violet's thoughts from her busy parents.

Amy smiled. "Yes. If you hadn't mentioned it now, I would have forgotten." She looked at Violet and said,"Violet, Alice called me a few days back and said that after she gets things done in France, she would come back and she also wants to give you a big surprise."

"Surprise? What surprise?" Violet looked puzzled. She thought to herself, 'Did Alice get a boyfriend? If she did, I'm gonna be so angry. She gets a boyfriend and I'm not the first one to know? Am I her best friend or not? After she comes back, I will definitely find time to question her.'

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