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   Chapter 705 Love Of My Life (Part Three)

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Updated: 2019-02-25 01:01

"Have your dinner first, then we can talk after that." said Violet. She guessed that Greg might not even have had lunch yet.

"First, tell me that you are not angry anymore, then I'll go and eat." Greg didn't intend to eat until he made sure that he was forgiven.

"If you don't want to listen to me, then we can keep doing this," said Violet defiantly. She still didn't look at Greg.

"Well, you are the boss. I'll go and eat now," said Greg. Then he headed to the dining room where his dinner was waiting, freshly prepared by Lily.

When Greg went back to the living room after the meal, he found that Violet was gone. He thought for a while and guessed that she must be upstairs. Where else could she go?

Greg went upstairs and pushed the door of Violet's room open, finding that she was cleaning up her closet.

Greg couldn't wait any longer. He walked over and hugged Violet from behind.

"Glad I found you here. I thought you were gone." Greg said softly around her ear, lightly nibbling it.

"Did you want me to disappear?" Violet didn't stop or turn around. She kept on cleaning up her closet.

Greg suddenly grabbed the clothes that she was holding in her hands and threw them into the closet. Then he closed the door of the closet and turned Violet's body around to force her to face him.

Eye to eye, Greg felt steady.

"Violet, don't be angry anymore, okay? It's all my fault, I should be more understanding." said Greg to Violet. His eyes looked extremely serious. His lo

gs for each other and I know your heart." Greg's gaze was definitely not only an affirmation for himself, but also an affirmation for Violet.

"Greg..." in such a situation, even if Violet wanted to tell Greg something happened between her and Sharon five years ago, she had no way to say it out. She was afraid of hurting Greg. He is the last person that she wanted to hurt.

"Violet, don't think of it too much. Just remember that I am always here by your side and that you have me. That is enough. As your husband, I will make you a happy woman. I will not let you suffer a bit. Let the bad things that happened in the past go." Greg guessed that Violet must be thinking of what happened to her before when she chose to stay low in hometown. The nobles around her had almost all studied abroad, only she had lived in this city all her life. Her ordinary life sometimes made her feel very inferior. But he would not let her live in such a shadow. He would give her happiness and help her grow up.

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