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   Chapter 702 A Chance Encounter (Part Four)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 5393

Updated: 2019-02-24 04:06

"An ordinary employee? Then why would go out of his way just to save an ordinary employee, even putting his neck on the line that he literally got injured for that? And in return, I donated blood to save him! Is that what you mean by a normal relationship between a boss and an ordinary employee?" inquired Greg nonchalantly. He had frozen entirely with anger, and even the beautiful, affable woman sitting right next to him couldn't melt the icey layer that had now encrusted his heart in a flash without prior warning.

"So what explanation do you want from me?" asked Violet calmly. She hadn't expected that her first quarrel with Greg after marriage would arise so soon and escalate by petty altercations. Did Greg distrust her? Or was he merely oversensitive? Greg knew she once worked in the GR Group before they got married, and he also knew Roger got injured while trying to save her. If he couldn't accept all those things, why did he marry her? And she would not have promised to marry him so easily if she had known that he would care so much about those things! She loved Greg very much, and she was willing to do everything for him. Even without sentimental endorsements of love and an extravagant wedding ceremony, Violet was romantic in her own authentic way. All that she wanted was to be with Greg. She had quite a deal of scars on her skin, but Greg didn't care about all those blemishes. She had been confident, in him she had found a man who looked beyond those little imperfections. She believed Greg was a real gentleman who loved her for the beautiful, courageous and unpretentious person she

need to bring any present for me next time," said Mond. He thought Violet was over polite this time. When she came here before, she was as casual as in her own home. He didn't expect that she would bring him desserts this time.

"It's not an expensive gift. It's just some desserts. We can have some after lunch," replied Violet.

"So you meant that you'll have lunch with me?" asked Mond in surprise. Yesterday, he received a phone call from Violet, and she said she would come to visit him today. He thought she'd only stay for a brief chat like she always did. He was elated to hear she'd stay longer and even have a meal with him. It was so long ago when they last had a meal together.

"Of course I will. The nanny just told me that she prepared the dishes I like, and Aunt is abroad. I know you are lonely to have lunch alone, so I came here early to have lunch with you," said Violet, putting her head on Mond's shoulder. She felt close to him like his daughter.

"Alright, alright. It's very kind of you, my sweetie," replied Mond with a grin on his face.

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