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   Chapter 701 A Chance Encounter (Part Three)

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What transpired in the ward that day was still fresh on Roger's mind. Whenever he thought about his attitude towards Violet, he always regretted what he had done. He wondered whether Violet would ever forgive him. He was eager to seize this opportunity to own up and register his sincere apologies. He desperately wanted to reach out to Violet and resolve his mistakes, which kept knowing at his conscience.

"Never mind. It's not a big deal," replied Violet with a genuine smile.

Greg suddenly turned his eyes to Violet and said,"It's getting late. We need to go now."

"Okay," replied Violet. She knew Greg was running out of patience now. She could tell from his tone and the expression of his face, which were different from before Roger came around.

Feeling on edge, Violet then turned to Roger and said,"Excuse me, Mr. Roger, we have to leave now."

At the very moment, Greg pulled her arm and tried to lead her away.

However, Roger pulled her other arm and tried to stop her after they just paced two steps.

"Violet, I..." he mumbled something forlornly, but Greg interrupted by sharply yanking Violet's hand out of Roger's grip.

When Violet broke free, Greg firmly wrapped her into his arms, drawing her close to his chest as he turned her away from Roger.

"Mr. Roger, you'd better stay away from my wife. I don't want to rough you up in your mall. It's not good for your reputation," Greg warned, his eyes flaming with anger. 'The creep can even dare grab my wife's arm? Jeez! Is he trying to make me commit a homicide?' Greg's thoughts wildly raced about.

"I want to talk to her," replied Roger. He knew Violet and

the bag and walked out of the store holding Violet's hand.

When they sat in the car, Greg and Violet didn't talk to each other either. Greg just revved the engine and drove away.

"Well, Greg, I didn't know that Mr. Roger would be here in the mall. I didn't mean..." Greg interrupted her in the middle of her sentence.

"You didn't know that he would look at you with his leering eyes either, did you? Did he always look at you with such lustful eyes when you worked with the GR Group over the years?" Greg asked rather compellingly while he drove, without even a glimpse at Violet.

"What are you talking about? I have nothing to do with Mr. Roger at all. He was just my boss, and I was an ordinary employee like others," explained Violet hurriedly. She didn't give a hoot if the whole world misunderstood her. The only exception was Greg. She could ill afford to let any misunderstanding creep in between her and Greg. Greg and his love meant more than the whole wide world.

Abruptly, Greg slammed the brakes and parked the car by the roadside. He turned his head and glared at Violet.

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