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   Chapter 699 A Chance Encounter (Part One)

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"Whom does that entail?" inquired Greg.

"I want to visit Uncle Mond. And Uncle Derek," answered Violet. Maybe Greg didn't know Uncle Mond, but Violet thought he might know Uncle Derek, Alice's father. Back in their student days, the three of them were best friends, like three peas in a pod. As such, it was not a stretch to suppose the bosom buddies knew each other's parents.

"I know Alice's father," Greg confirmed. "It's Uncle Mond that I'm not sure about. Is he the Executive President of the ZM Group?" he inquired.

"Yes, he is. Also he's a real Uncle of mine. He's my Uncle by blood. My Dad's little brother. I need to visit him," replied Violet. She then seemed to think of something before she went on,"And by the way, we should as well plan to visit Uncle Wilson. Although his family knows you fairly well, you're yet to meet them officially. That formal family introduction would be wise for us."

"Come to think of it, I haven't even formally been to my father-in-law and mother-in-law yet. Why don't we start with them first?" joked Greg, trying to see how Violet would receive the idea.

"Well, that may need more time, but my parents should be back as soon as possible. They can't stay in Hong Kong for too long, seeing it's towards the end of my brother's studies abroad. Together with the fact that I'm still here, I'm pretty sure they'll be back sooner. Once they are back in the country, I'll take you home to meet them. You can't escape it," said Violet lightly. "But while we wait for that, you should visit my Uncles. At least, that's what I have in my immediate plans. We'll visit Uncle Mond tomorrow, and Uncle Derek the day after tomorrow. After that, we

the mall close to each other's side like real lovebirds. They talked softly with affectionate smiles as they shopped around.

On the sixth floor of the mall, Roger, who was dressed in a neat suit, was followed by a female assistant and several security guards behind him.

"Mr. Roger, we have the new season's collection from every leading brand in the apparel area. Would you like to check it out?" asked the assistant politely.

"No. I'll leave that to Mrs. Carol," answered Roger brusquely. He wasn't keen on the garment area, which he thought was more suited for a lady's manager's better sense of fashion. In most cases, he preferred having his Mom run the apparel section. She had quite an eye for fashion.

"Alright. I see," the assistant replied humbly.

Downstairs, Violet and Greg strolled leisurely, shopping around from section to section.

"We could buy Uncle Mond some desserts. What do you think?" asked Violet tenderly as she snuggled beside Greg.

Greg turned around and looked at Violet. He could tell what she was really thinking. "Actually, you also need to have some desserts, don't you?"

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