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   Chapter 689 The Lovely Couple (Part Two)

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"I don't want to. I have stayed with you for the whole day. I want to see something different now ," said Violet, acting like a spoiled child. She could do anything she liked in front of Greg because he pampered her so much.

"Is that so? We will see each other every day, will you get bored with that too?" Greg asked as if it did not matter to him.

"Maybe," replied Violet. She turned around and looked at Greg.

She then said,"Greg, listen to my orders carefully."

"I am listening," replied Greg.

"Since I am your wife, I am all yours," Violet paused for a while, feeling shy. But she had made up her mind and so she added,"As are you. And from this day forward, I am going to be the one who make decisions, whereas you're the one who fulfills them."

"I know. You are the boss," answered Greg, and he added,"My dear, everything is up to you. But there is one thing that you should surely listen to me."

"What is it?" Violet was confused. What did he mean by that?

"On the bed, you must listen to me," said Greg. Violet could do anything she liked, but it was difficult for him to control himself on the bed.

"Greg, Oh, I didn't know you are so wicked?" Violet said with a smile, not getting angry.

"It's not late to know this now. You will get to know me better in the future," said Greg in high spirits while driving. And he added,"During the next few days, there will be just you and me. I am looking forward to that time."

"My dear, could I say that I don't want to travel with you?"

"No, you don't have that option!"

"But you said just now that everything is up to me."

"If that's what you want, then we could also make love day and night in our apartment for the honeymoon."

"...No thank you. I'd better travel."

In Yuwen House, everyone stared at the marriage certificates on the table surprised.

"Violet, you really surprise us. You got married at such short notice." Selina said to Violet, deli

ve everyone's expressions to see whether they approve of the trip or not. She knew that they for sure would miss her. But she had got married to Greg without thinking too much. Besides, she would leave home to enjoy her honeymoon for some time, would Grandma and Grandpa feel sad about her going away?

"It's great. Nowadays, many people prefer a marriage trip. Just relax and enjoy the great sunshine," Selina said. Violet had stayed in the city for a long time, she supported Violet's idea to travel outside and see the world. It would help her in becoming more sensible.

"Yeah, I also think you should have a trip to enjoy yourself. Just have fun with Greg, I will take good care of your Grandma and Grandpa," said Wilson.

"Okay," Violet nodded.

"I want you to be with me, but you will be happier with Greg. I am happy to see you marry a man who loves you so deeply. I wish you happiness again," said Elsa.

"Thank you, Grandma," replied Violet.

"Violet, I also wish you all the happiness," said Jacob.

"Thank you, Grandpa."

Violet was back in her room. Standing in front of the windows, enjoying the blazing night, she was feeling so happy. But then, somehow sadness grew inside her. There was still a man waiting for her in the hospital, how would she tell him this news?

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