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   Chapter 688 The Lovely Couple (Part One)

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The family sat around the dining table, enjoying the delicious food. Greg took good care of Violet, as he kept busy putting more food in her rice bowl.

Fred was happy to see that they were so devoted to each other. He wished nothing else but Greg's happiness.

However, Sharon was envious of Violet. 'Greg is not being nice to me anymore. What is worse, he even got angry at me because of her. And now, Greg is being so loving to her. Violet, you are really a lucky girl who has managed to fascinate my son!'

"Greg, Violet, do you have any idea when the wedding bells are going to ring?" asked Fred abruptly. He hadn't got a chance to ask Jackson what his suggestion was yet, as he wanted to know about Greg's and Violet's decision first.

"We won't hold a wedding ceremony. We have decided that we will have a trip honeymoon," Greg answered with ease while enjoying the dinner.

"You won't have a wedding ceremony? Don't you want to take wedding pictures either? Ho-ho, what kind of marriage is that going to be?" Sharon commented.

Greg put down his chopsticks and growled adamantly at Sharon,"Even without a wedding ceremony, our marriage would be legal. But what about you? You also had a wedding ceremony when you got married to Dad. So what? Did you get the recognition from the wives of wealthy families?"

"You...!" Sharon was speechless. Greg's words had touched the sore spot she had When she had married Fred, she had pressed him to hold a lavish wedding ceremony for her. She wanted everyone to know that she was the new wife of Fred's. Many people even attended their wedding, but after that, Sharon wanted to make friends with the ladies of wealthy families, but none of them was willing to meet her except Carol, who still kept in touch with her.

"Stop the topic," said Fred. He didn't want them to start the quarrel again. He then said to Greg,"Since you do not want a wedding ceremony, a wedding trip is also excellent. I know it is popular among many young pe

wanted to see what his mind was up to.

Greg raised Violet in his arms and stepped forward. He put her on the bed and pressed her tight.

"What's wrong? What are you trying to do?" Violet shouted.

"You said you want to witness it, didn't you? Then I will show you that I am a very good man," said Greg. He lowered his head so that he could have a glimpse of Violet's face clearly. And he could feel her breath. "It's you who attracted me, now don't blame me."

Greg ended his words and then kissed Violet crazily.

"Greg, let me go, please. Aunt Sharon is still at home," said Violet. She knew that Fred had gone to work. But Sharon was still downstairs. It was the first time she had come here, and she didn't want Sharon to hate her worse.

"She has gone out, don't worry. Only you and I are at home," Greg explained.

"Greg, you!" Violet was so angry that she couldn't speak a word. She couldn't resist Greg, for he was much stronger than her.

"Love, listen to me, I will be gentle."

When they left the house, it was late at night. Greg drove Violet back home.

Sitting in the car, Violet was in a very good mood. She kept smiling.

"What's wrong? Why are you smiling at the windows? Don't you think you should be smiling at me?" Greg asked her. He noticed that she was in a different mood today.

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