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   Chapter 687 Getting The Marriage Certificate (Part Three)

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"I'm afraid you're wrong, Auntie. She is welcome here." Greg knew this type of scene would happen when he decided to marry Violet. He faced Sharon. "We are now a legally married couple. Violet is now my wife and the Xiao family's daughter-in-law."

Greg held up their marriage certificate in front of Sharon's face.

Sharon gasped at what she read.

"What is this? When did this happen? Why didn't you tell me?" Sharon demanded. 'Why didn't I know Greg was married?' she thought. She was already planning on matching him with Tina yesterday. She did not expect to hear such news today. Were the gods playing a trick on her?

"My marriage is my own business. Why do you need to know?" Greg stated. He didn't tell Sharon because he knew Sharon would do everything to destroy his happiness, their happiness. Although she greeted Greg with a smile everyday, he knew she plotted in her mind how to make Greg and Tina married. She would not give up on fostering a good relationship with Carol easily.

"Greg, I am the hostess here, of this family. I have the right to know what happens to you," Sharon answered. She didn't take care of Greg as she usually did. She was just very angry to see Violet in her house.

"Well, now, you know, because I've told you," Greg retorted.

"I will not allow you to marry this woman. And I will never recognize her the Xiao family daughter-in-law!" Sharon declared. Her daughter-in-law must come from a wealthy family, to bring honor to the Xiao family name. It could not be this ordinary girl from an ordinary family.

"What is all this arguing?" Fred had come down from upstairs to join them.

When he saw Fred, Greg beamed,"Dad, we're back."

"Hello, Uncle Fred, it's good to see you again," said Violet politely. She hadn'


"Well, why didn't you tell me earlier?" Sharon demanded, her eyebrows knotted in anger.

"If I told you, you would have done everything you could to stop the wedding. Then Greg would get mad at you and you would start to fight with each other. And I don't want the two most important people in my life to fight. I just want us to be happy," Fred explained.

Sharon looked at Fred's eyes and felt her anger melt away.

"I still don't like his wife. She has no taste, no class, and couldn't possibly do any good to our family. What can he get from her?" Sharon reiterated. She turned towards the dining room with daggers in her eyes.

"We don't need to get anything from her," Fred replied. "She's a good person, Sharon. You're gonna like her, just give her a chance."

"I will never like her," Sharon declared.

"Okay, but don't embarrass them like that, even if you don't like her, okay?" Fred knew it was impossible to force Sharon to accept Violet immediately. He'll have to do it little by little.

Sharon kept silent.

"Come on, let's have lunch," Fred interrupted her thoughts. He placed his arm on Sharon's shoulders to take her to the dining room.

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