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   Chapter 686 Getting The Marriage Certificate (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-02-19 01:24

"What's wrong? Don't you like it?" Greg asked. He knew Violet was a shy woman. But she also needed to acknowledge their new status now. Otherwise, it didn't make much sense to have the certificate.

"No, it's not that, it's just -" Violet stopped herself and looked away from Greg's gaze.

Greg hooked Violet with his arm around her waist and pulled her closer,"We're already husband and wife, we're legally married, why are you hesitating?"

Violet felt people's eyes on them as they entered and exited the Civil Affairs Bureau and it made her uneasy.

Violet looked around and sure enough, there were a lot of people around.

"Greg, stop, let me go. People are looking at us," Violet tried to push him away but Greg wouldn't let his grip go.

"Do you know what you should call me?" Greg pushed her to say. Greg knew he needed to push Violet so he could pull out what he needed for her to say.

"Husband," Violet whispered.

"Say it again and I'll let you go." Greg teased Violet. She needed to call him husband from now on.

"Husband," Violet said, louder this time. She looked at Greg's eyes and continued,"Husband, I love you."

"Good wife, now, let's go home," said Greg.

"Home? Where? Which one?" Violet was confused. Which home was Greg referring to? The small apartment he bought for her? Or the Xiao family home?

"Of course, the Xiao family home. Since you are now my wife, you should visit your in-laws." Greg let go of Violet's waist and took her hand to lead her to his car.

"But Greg, I didn't know we were going straight to your family home. I don't have anything with me." Violet mildly protested.

"I have taken care of all of that, all you need is to go," Greg reassured her. He knew

even when she heard Greg's voice. She finished settling the table instead. "Greg, I'm glad you're back. I've already finished preparing the food. Your father told me you're bringing someone important for lunch. I want you to check the food to taste if it's okay."

When Sharon finished setting the table, she looked up at Greg with a big smile on her face. The smile disappeared when she saw Violet beside Greg. She didn't understand why Violet was there.

Greg didn't notice the change in Sharon's demeanor and turned to Violet,"This is Sharon, my stepmother."

Violet nodded at Greg and smiled at Sharon. She already knew she was Greg's stepmother and her name was Sharon.

"It's nice to meet you, Auntie Sharon," Violet greeted her. Even if they got off on the wrong foot before, she still needed to be polite since this is the first time time she's at the Xiao family home as Greg's legal wife.

"Why are you here?" Sharon's face went from tense to angry. She stomped towards Greg and Violet.

When he saw Sharon's anger, Greg's smile disappeared.

Sharon stood in front of Violet and said word by word,"Get out! You are not welcome."

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