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   Chapter 685 Getting The Marriage Certificate (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-02-19 01:23

"Get married?" Fred asked, astounded at what Greg just told him. His decision to marry Violet was not a surprise. His decision to marry this fast surprised him the most. After all, Violet did not just come from a simple Chinese family. She's a member of the Chu Family. And they needed to get the Chu Family's blessing before they could get married.

"Yes, Dad," Greg assured Fred. He knew exactly what his father thought when he saw the expression on Fred's face. "The Chu Family already gave us their blessing, with Uncle Jackson, Auntie Cherry, and the Yuwen family. They all approved our marriage."

"Are you sure about this, son?" Fred was still trying to grasp the information he just heard. He still couldn't believe Greg and Violet were getting married.

"Yes, Violet told me in person," Greg reported to his father.

"Okay, have you thought of your plans?" When Fred saw the determination in Greg's eyes, he then accepted the fact.

"We're going to get our marriage certificate first tomorrow. And then we'll talk about the wedding ceremony," Greg stated.

"Don't you want a wedding ceremony first?" Fred questioned Greg. Usually, a wedding ceremony must take place before getting married. He wasn't expecting that Greg and Violet wanted to get married first.

"That'll take too long. We want to get married first," Greg answered.

Fred couldn't think of how to respond to Greg.

Fred took his time before he said his next words. "You can go get the household register in the study. And invite Violet for lunch here tomorrow."

"Thanks, Dad, I'll tell Violet," Greg replied with a smile. He was about to turn away when he remembered one more thing he needed to request from Fred. "U

"Greg!" Violet shouted his name as her high-heeled feet pounded on the pavement to get to him.

Greg turned to Violet when he heard her shout out his name. He went down to meet her halfway and shouted,"Slow down, there's no need to run."

Violet went to Greg and grabbed his hands,"Sorry, I'm so late."

"You're just in time. And even if you were late for hours, I'd still wait for you," Greg declared to Violet. It didn't matter what time she came, the important part here was that she came. As long as she wanted to come, Greg didn't care how long he was going to wait.

Violet smiled at Greg. She took his hand and said,"Let's get married."

"Let's do it."

Together, they marched into the bureau, hand in hand. Twenty minutes later, they came out, still hand in hand, and their other free hand with a red booklet.

"Where are we off to now, Greg?" Violet asked, a grin plastered on her face.

Greg stopped to face Violet,"Should we call each other husband and wife now?"

Violet knew Greg words were true. They were legally married now. And she should refer to Greg as her husband. But she still felt shy about it.

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