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   Chapter 684 Sympathy Or Love (Part Three)

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"Humph! That sounds very easy for you," retorted Violet pretending to doubt Greg's words. She still needed to meet Greg's parents since they could only get the marriage license if his parents agreed their marriage. At least Violet's family had already agreed to their marriage.

"It is really easy, or well, what would you like?" asked Greg and before Violet could respond, he recapped,"Okay, I don't have to work tomorrow, so, I'll meet you in front of the Civil Affairs Bureau at nine a.m. and remember to bring your ID card and household registration."

"My household registration is easy, it's is at home. What about you?" asked Violet.

"It's easy for me as well. You didn't think I could get my household registration?" asked Greg as he wondered, 'Is this woman looking down on me?' 'How dare she! Should I punish her somehow for what she's thinking?'

"Greg? Wait, what are you doing? Stop!" shouted Violet as Greg put his hands on her again.

"What else is there to do in bed?" Greg replied with a wicked gleam in his eyes.

It was already six in the evening when Violet and Greg left the apartment.

As they were driving away, Greg asked,"Are you going back to your Uncle Wilson's home tonight?"

"Yes, where else can I go?" still unable to make eye contact, Violet stared out the window as she said.

Glimpsing over at Violet as he asked, Greg saw that she still wouldn't look at him.

"Why won't you look at me?" Greg asked grinning cockily.

"Why should I look at you? It's not like your face is a flower," replied Violet.

"Are you sure you won't look at me?" Greg asked again, this time in a sing-song voice. He wasn't angry, he wanted to tease Violet, and taunted,"If you won't look at me, next time I won't

bowl. She enjoyed Greg's attitude towards her just now. She wanted to take good care of Greg because he had been friendly.

"Greg, come on, eat up," said Sharon.

"Okay, but, serve yourself please and don't worry about me," replied Greg. He didn't know why Sharon was so kind to him today.

Looking at Sharon, Fred joked,"It's like you're a different person now." Her attitude change towards Greg surprised Fred. Before Greg got home, Sharon was in a lousy mood, blaming Fred for something. He didn't expect the sudden one hundred and eighty-degree change in mood.

"Naturally," replied Sharon smiling as she looked at Greg continuing. "There is only Greg, the baby boy of our family. I need to take good care of him."

Listening to Sharon, Greg didn't know what to say or do except to eat his meal quietly.

Nodding helplessly, Fred said,"Alright, whatever you want."

After dinner, Sharon went to the kitchen to wash dishes. Fred went and sat on the sofa. Greg followed him, sitting beside his father he said,"Dad, I need to let you know something."

"Alright, go ahead," Fred said nodding.

"I'm going to marry Violet," announced Greg.

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