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   Chapter 683 Sympathy Or Love (Part Two)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 7279

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"Tina, I will tell you now that I would prefer to marry a beggar on the roadside, if I had to make a choice between you and a beggar," Greg paused a second before he went on. "Your rage should be directed at me, and if you dare to harm Violet again, I'll kill you!"

Greg put emphasis on his last sentence, letting her know he was not kidding.

With that, Greg turned and walked out of the ward.

Roger and Tina were still in the ward. Roger looked at Tina, who was still stunned, and called,"Tina."

Seeing no response from Tina, Roger went on,"Tina, Tina."

"Eh?" Tina finally came back to herself.

"What were you going to tell me? Is there something I don't know about Violet? Tell me," Roger asked anxiously.

"Roger? You don't think Greg was serious, right? He just wanted to frighten me by telling me that, right? He couldn't possibly mean it, could he?" Tina asked dwelling on Greg's threat.

Out by the hospital's entrance, Greg finally caught up with Violet. He grabbed her by the arm trying to stop her.

"Violet," called Greg gently.

"Let me go! Don't touch me!" Violet called out, drawing the attention of strangers passing by.

Seeing how upset Violet still was, Greg looked around, and he thought he shouldn't leave her alone on the street.

Without saying a word, Greg held Violet's arm tightly as he led her straight to the parking lot. He wasn't about to let Violet walk away again, not now that he finally got her back.

After taking Violet to his car, Greg got in the car, revved the engine, and took off out of the parking lot without saying anything to her.

Sitting in the car, Violet watched the scenery through the window as she cried. Greg didn't know what to say to comfort her, so, for now, he decided to say nothing.

When they got to the apartment, Greg got out, walked around to Violet's side and got her out of the car. They went straight into the apartment together.

"What are we doing here? Where did you bring me?" Violet asked looking around.

Greg held Violet's hand and kept walking without answering her.

Pushing the door open, Greg walked into the room holding tight to Violet's hand. Looking at the de

shy?" asked Greg as his lips curled upwards into a grin.

"You already know the answer," replied Violet shyly.

Greg chuckled and lowered his head whispering into Violet's ear,"To be honest, you are delicious."

"Stop saying that Greg! I hate you!" Violet exclaimed, slapping Greg's chest. As she moved a bit, pain shot through the lower half of her, making her frown immediately.

"What's wrong?" asked Greg when he saw the pained expression flash across Violet's face. She looked as though she felt uncomfortable.

"It's all your fault," answered Violet pretending to be angry as she looked at Greg out of the corner of her eye.

"Alright, alright. I'm sorry. I'll be more gentle next time," coaxed Greg. "But it always hurts the first time. It'll be better next time."

"Greg, stop saying that! Aren't you ashamed at what we've done?" Violet squealed while pulling the quilt up, covering her face, and refusing to look at Greg.

"No, I'm not ashamed. Why are you so shy? It's only you and I here," chuckled Greg, a smug look on his face.

"Greg, don't act so egotistical! We don't have the marriage license yet, you know? You'd better be polite to me," said Violet.

"That's no big deal. We'll go down to the Civil Affairs Bureau at nine o'clock tomorrow morning and get one," declared Greg as casually as if he was just getting home to have a cup of tea. It seemed that it was effortless for him to get a marriage license.

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