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   Chapter 682 Sympathy Or Love (Part One)

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Not getting a response from Greg gave Tina more confidence than earlier, so, she continued,"Greg, I'll help you examine your thoughts. First, even though you are quite a handsome man, you weren't trapped in any love scandals while you were overseas for so many years which tells me you are not a playboy. Furthermore, in my opinion, you are different from other boys with wealthy family background. You are pragmatic, and kindhearted, which may be related to your career choice, after all, doctors are willing to save others and generally compassionate.

After listening to Tina drone on, Greg didn't know what Tina had wanted to say. Immediately, he asked,"Tina, what was it you wanted to say?"

"You don't get what I mean? After everything I just said, isn't it clear?" Tina replied in exasperation, and her expression turned gloomy. "I'm telling you that what you feel for Violet is not love at all, it's sympathy."


What Tina said shocked the other three people on the ward. With an incredible look on his face, Greg stared at Tina and a hint of anger gradually rose in his heart. He never felt sympathy for Violet, and he didn't believe what Tina said for a minute! He sympathized with his patients, but, he never felt sorry for Violet!

The only thought that struck Violet as she stared at Tina was that Tina knew what had happened to her. The reason why Tina said those words was that she knew about the scars on her body. Violet didn't know how much sympathy she had received from her classmates when she was in elementary school and junior high school. All those people were young ladies from affluent families, and she knew that they sympathized with her even though they were very polite to her on the surface. However, she never thought Greg's feelings for her were sympathy like her classmates. Because Greg was always kind to her, and she didn't think his attitude changed after what she had experienced.

Tina had completely confused Roger,

too? Maybe, your tears work on your parents, but, to me, you just appear more pathetic. So Violet, put your tears away. From now on, I will compete with you for Greg, fairly. Oh no, it can't be a fair competition, can it, because I have more advantages than you. Greg will be my boyfriend! You'll see!" declared Tina as if she were challenging Violet to a fight. Tina thought to herself that she would never give up, even if Tina's opponent were Jackson's daughter because the GR Group was a great company in the city too. Add to that; Tina was a returnee, a famous painter, with a specific taste and temperament. She didn't think Violet could defeat her in the competition for Greg.

"Tina, I will tell you one time only, I want to live a quiet, ordinary life. If you dare reveal that to others and make me live with gossip, you will never escape my wrath!" threatened Violet and then shoved Tina as she ran out of the ward.

"Violet!" Roger shouted after her. He was still lying in bed and couldn't move, so, he couldn't get out of the bed to chase after Violet.

As for Greg, he had been staring at Tina with hatred in his eyes the whole time.

When Tina looked into Greg's eyes, she couldn't help but shiver in fear because of the terrible look in his eyes.

"G-Greg," stammered Tina in a low voice.

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