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   Chapter 681 Good Relation Between Brother And Sister (Part Three)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 5611

Updated: 2019-02-18 00:29

"I called up my parents and told them the same thing. They approve of us too. They are hoping that your parents could arrange a time and have a discussion with them."

Greg's heart somersaulted. He felt the breath rush out of him. "Violet," he sighed out her name, looking into her eyes. "I love you."

At this confession, Violet was speechless for a moment.

"Greg, could you not -" Before she could finish speaking, Greg touched his lips with hers.

After a long time, Greg ended the kiss. His eyes twinkled. "Let's go to the hospital. After you give Roger his breakfast, I want to take you to a place."

"Where? Don't you have work?" Violet was surprised. She wondered what Greg was going to do.

"No. I'll ask for a leave when we get to the hospital."

"Greg, but is that a good idea? XS Hospital is run by your family. But you are a doctor. You are supposed to work on time," Violet said. She didn't want him to miss work or leave a bad impression on his colleagues, all because of her.

Greg ignored her concerns. "Do you think there is anyone or anything more important to me than you?" Without waiting for an answer, he started the car and drove forward.

Violet kept silent, not knowing how to respond to that.

They reached the hospital and decided that Violet would come to Greg's office after she served Roger his breakfast.

Greg took the lunchbox Violet had prepared to his office. He called up his assistant and told him to handle the work for today.

After eating, Greg washed up and waited for Violet. When she still didn't show up, he decided to find her himself and took the lunchbox with him.

Inside Roger's ward, Violet prepared to l

rvous. Her hands began to tremble.

Greg felt her hands shake. He put himself in front of Tina, not allowing her to get close to Violet.

Noticing this, Tina glared at Greg. "Why are you always protecting her? What good is she?" she questioned fiercely.

His gaze narrowed. "She is better than you in all respects," he replied without hesitation. Tina didn't hold a candle to Violet.

"Ha," Tina laughed and looked at him. "Greg, I thought you loved Violet, but now I don't think so."

Tina's words puzzled the other three present in the room. What did she mean? Greg's suspicious eyes still stayed on Tina, but he couldn't tell what she was thinking. Violet looked at Tina's profile. 'What is she trying to say?' she wondered. 'Is she taking a dig at my relationship with Greg?'

Roger seemed to realize something from the look in his sister's eyes. He was sure that his sister knew something. Her words towards Violet were arrogant. Roger understood that Tina wasn't just here to see him. She came here to confront Violet. 'What is she trying to do?' Roger asked himself, and found that he didn't know.

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