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   Chapter 680 Good Relation Between Brother And Sister (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-02-18 00:29

"Mom is worried? Does she want to force me to get married? If she wants me to get married, I could grab some woman and get married to her right now. It would be quite simple," Lawrence said, and his tone was indifferent. So many years had passed, but his heart had never beaten fast for anyone. There were a lot of beautiful women around Lawrence but he was not in the mood to settle down with anyone of them. Love had always brought him pain. It was better not to hurt anyone else or break his own heart.

"Lawrence, don't you know how Mom thinks? Don't you know what kind of life she wants you to live? Our parents are different from others. They won't ask us to get married for business, or control who we choose to love. Their biggest hope is that we find happiness. Lawrence, you love Mom the most. Don't you understand her wishes?"

Lawrence had nothing to say to this. He knew better than anyone else what his mother hoped for, but he had gotten hurt several years ago. After that, he avoided falling in love. He never lacked for female companionship, but he didn't love any one of those women. Some of them were willing to do anything for him, but he knew better than to be moved by their actions. Lawrence was afraid of getting hurt and had built a high wall around him. Nobody was allowed to climb it over and reach to his heart.

The silence that followed was long. Violet thought her brother had hung up, but when she moved the phone away from her ear and looked at the screen, she found him still on the line. "Lawrence, you're smart and you know our Mom's wish. Call her when you have time. You don't need to bother about my re

her eyes. She wanted to see how Greg would react when she told him.

"Of course. I want to hear every word you say."

"But won't you regret it? It is not good," Violet joked, her eyes growing wide. She sniggered quietly.

"Just say it. I want to hear everything you have to say," Greg said calmly. His eyes were still ahead.

"Okay, I'll tell you. Last night, I told my family that you are my boyfriend. Everyone approved of you."

Greg was stunned. His expression immediately changed. He pulled up the car on the side of the road and turned to Violet, unable to believe his ears.

'Your grandparents, your aunt, your uncle, everyone approves of me as your boyfriend?" Greg asked. His eyebrows arched. It was too early in the morning, maybe he had misheard her. He wanted to make sure this news was true.

"Yes, and also..." Violet paused, teasing him. She hadn't told him everything yet. She kept him waiting, wanting to see his reaction. For now, Greg's astonishment satisfied her.

"And what?" Greg said finally, still staring at her. He desperately wanted her to continue.

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