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   Chapter 678 Communicating With The Family (Part Three)

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"Then please tell me," said Cherry in a gentle tone.

"I, I have a boyfriend," blurted Violet.

"Boyfriend?" Cherry was very surprised. She looked at Jackson and kept asking,"But, who is he? Tell me everything about him."

"Actually you both know him quite well. He is Greg, Uncle Fred's son," said Violet.

"Fred's son, really?" Cherry repeated her words again. She knew Fred. And she had seen Greg when he was a kid. But she hadn't met him ever since he grew up.

"Yes, we were in the same class in primary school. Now, do you remember?" Violet felt her mother knew, so she wouldn't have to explain too much.

"Yes, I remember him. I saw the news that he had come back to work in the XS Hospital a few days back, right?" Cherry suddenly recalled the news about Greg she had seen a few days before.

"Yes, then you must have also seen his picture in the news?" Violet suddenly asked. 'Mom and Dad haven't met Greg yet, it's okay if they have seen his picture somewhere.' She thought.

"Yes, I saw it. He is quite good looking, and sort of resembles his father," said Cherry.

"Then Mom, what do you think about him? Do you agree to our relationship?" Violet asked cautiously. She really wanted to know her Mother's opinion.

"Well, your Dad and I have nothing to worry about Greg. As we know Fred well, we also believe his son is nothing but well-mannered and educated. For the Xiao Family, we have no objection at all. It depends on the feelings you both share for each other," said Cherry. As long as their daughter was happy, they had no problems with their liaison. She hoped that her daughter would have found true love, and the Xiao Family was also good. She felt there was no p

ing. Her daughter had grown up now and was able to understand her Mother's concern. It made her feel better to be able to share her worries with her daughter.

Violet thought for a moment and became quiet. She thought, 'The love of childhood he may not have forgotten now, and maybe there is some pain still in my brother's heart?'

"Mom, I will call my brother later to ask. I will tell him that I have a boyfriend. I am sure that will make my brother anxious. So let's see if he will leak some information about her. I will tell you then," said Violet. She wanted to comfort her Mother on one side and also wanted to protect her brother. After all, she didn't want to see her Mother worrying unnecessarily, and she also wanted to know how her brother was doing recently. She hoped that her brother would also live a happy life.

"Okay, I am so lucky to have a daughter as intelligent as you," said Cherry.

"Mom, my brother is also a very good child. We are both your treasures, and you have been my father's treasure. Our entire family is a treasure," said Violet with a smile.

"My lovely girl," Cherry smiled happily.

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