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   Chapter 676 Communicating With The Family (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-02-17 06:43

Noticing some kind of awkwardness on her aunt's face, Violet said quickly," Auntie, you should not worry that much. Austin is a very well-behaved child. Some time back he sent an email to me and even requested me not to work too much and take good care of myself."

Violet looked at Elsa right after her words and asked," Grandma, don't you also think that Austin is a good boy?"

Elsa nodded hurriedly and replied," Of course, Austin is a very good boy."

Elsa looked towards Selina and said," Selina, why don't you call Austin at night and ask him about how he is doing lately. It is okay for Wilson to give the child living expenses, but this time it's more then regular." Elsa turned to Wilson after she had finished, and said," Wilson, remember that you should discuss with Selina next time whenever you plan to give him extra living expenses."

"Okay, Mom," replied Wilson. He looked at Selina with remorse in eyes and said," Well, don't be angry now. Let's call Austin later in the day, okay?"

"Remember to discuss this with me the next time you plan to do so, I am so worried about how Austin is doing there." Selina's tone was not very fierce. After all, she couldn't say anything as the elders were also present there. Besides, she knew her son well. who was quite good in studies and other matters but loved roaming about. She was sure that this time also he was using that money to travel here and there.

"Okay, I will," quickly Wilson replied.

Seeing that Selina was not as angry as she was previously, Violet was happy and said in a rush," Auntie, come on, let us have a good dinner, then we can call Austin together after the dinner. I'll also call Lawrence. He also hasn't called me recently. I suppose he has forgotten his Princess Sister, do you think so too?"

"Right, I think we have to teach these two bad boys a severe lesson," said Selina.

"Yes, let's do that later together," said Violet as she nodded her head in agreement.

"Okay, okay, let's

, although your Dad and I have thought about letting you take over the H King Group, we won't force you to do that if you don't want to. But if you consider it right you can send me your company's operational plan. I will check it and give you the best guidance possible. After all, your Mom has also studied global economic business management and has expertise in such areas. And, with so many years of experience, I am certainly more adept at this than you and your father."

"Okay, Mom, do you know something? I have been waiting for such words of encouragement from you. Some of my partners are always worried about the risks and we were thinking if it is best to consult some experienced people. However, we haven't yet found time to do that. But now it seems that Mom you are going to be our helping hand in distress, you are our savior." Austin was extremely excited when he said the last sentence. Now, he didn't have to ask advice from any other person since his great Mother had promised to guide and help him out.

"Have I told you before, that you are a bad boy, hmm? I have always told you that you can talk to me if you have anything in your mind. But you actually asked your Dad for money without even telling me and kept your business plan also a secret." Selina tried to act as if she was scolding Austin.

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