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   Chapter 675 The Good News (Part Two)

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In the evening, the family sat around the dining table, enjoying the delicious food. "Violet, you made the dinner yourself?" Wilson asked, the surprise evident in his voice.

"Grandma and I cooked the dinner together," Violet informed him. They made the meal together, so half of the credit should go to her Grandma.

"Thank you, both of you," Selina said, looking at her mother and niece. Her gaze was affectionate. Elsa had always treated her daughter-in-law kindly. Between Wilson's love and Elsa's care, Selina lived a happy life.

"Not at all. It was all because of Violet. Does the food taste good?" Elsa asked her son and daughter-in-law. Then her eyes shifted to Jacob.

They tasted the food and nodded.

"Violet, it tastes delicious," Wilson said.

"Yes, the food is great," Selina agreed with a smile.

"The man who marries my granddaughter would be very lucky," Jacob commented.

"Grandpa! Don't say that," Violet said in a feeble voice. Feeling shy, she bent her head and avoided their eyes.

"Oh! Violet is feeling shy," Elsa said with a grin.

Selina looked at Violet for a moment and turned to Elsa. "Mom, I know a secret."

"A secret?" Elsa was a bit confused. 'How could there be a secret among us?' she wondered.

"What is it?" Wilson asked. He turned his head to stare at Selina in confusion.

"Auntie!" Violet raised her voice. Her face reddened. She wanted to stop Selina but it was too late. Everyone at the table stared at her with curiosity.

"Violet, sooner or later, everyone in our family would know about it. You are not a child anymore. We would understand your choice," Selina looked at Violet and assured her. "Do you want me to tell everyone or do you want to tell them yourself?"

Violet pondered over her aunt's words for a while and found them to be true. Her family would know the truth about her and Greg sooner or later, so it was better to tell them now.

"Okay. I will tell you guys the truth," Violet mumbled.

"Do you have a boyfriend?" Wilson guessed. Violet was always well-behaved. She never did anything wrong so her secret could not be unpleasant. Moreover, she was being so shy. It must be because she had fallen in love with someone.

"What, really?" Elsa said, her eyebrows raising. She was quite astonished.


Jackson and Cherry, I miss them. Why are they still in Hong Kong? I understand if they don't miss us, but don't they miss their daughter?" Elsa looked at her granddaughter. "After all, Violet is the apple of her father's eye."

"Grandma, my parents are busy with business. Just let them be. I believe they do miss us when they are not busy. How could they not?" Violet said, confident that her parents felt their absence.

"You are right," Elsa concurred. "So we know Violet has a boyfriend, but what about Joe and Austin? They haven't called us in nearly half a month, have they?"

At this, Selina was also reminded. "I haven't received their calls in some time," she said, her eyebrows furrowing. "What's up with both of them?"

Selina exchanged a look with Wilson, waiting for his response. Austin usually called her or Wilson, so if he didn't call her, he must had called his father.

"Well, Austin did call me last week. He needed money, so I sent him two hundred thousand," Wilson said, avoiding Selina's eyes. He was afraid she would get angry at this.

"Two hundred thousand? What did he need so much money for?" Jacob wondered. He didn't care about the amount, but he was worried that Austin would splurge the money on wasteful things. After all, he was alone in a foreign country where his parents weren't around to check on him.

"He hadn't asked me for money in several months. So when he asked me to send him the amount, I didn't think too much of it," Wilson said.

Selina kept silent and looked ahead.

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