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   Chapter 673 Move In With Me (Part Three)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 6381

Updated: 2019-02-17 00:18

A half an hour later Greg was at the hotel gate. As he got out of the car, he tossed the keys to the security guard and strode toward the hall.

A waiter looked at the license plate before approaching Greg, asking,"Are you Mr. Greg? Sir Tim asked me to meet you."

"There's no need! I can find my way," Greg said as he headed to the elevator.

In the elevator Greg pressed the floor, and soon the elevator stopped at the presidential suite. He rang the bell and waited.

It was only a thirty-second wait before the door opened and a golden-haired young man was standing in front of him on the other side of the door. His face was handsome, with fair skin, striking eyebrows, and long, lush eyelashes. Even with the casual attire he wore, a noble temperament could be read on the cute face.

"Wow, you got here fast! Come in!" greeted Tim as he waved his arm inviting Greg in, a cute smile covering his face.

Greg didn't step into the room right away. Instead, he cautiously looked inside, asking,"Is that perfume I smell in your room?"

Greg was worried there might still be some woman inside and it would be embarrassing! It was well known Tim was a playboy! Flocks of women were always chasing Tim and he could never bring himself to say no to any woman who threw herself at him. It wouldn't be anything surprising to see women in his room at any time! He had rich love stories.

"I think so. But, I requested housekeeping to send someone up to clean it ten minutes ago. I suppose it won't hamper you," Tim?grinned wickedly.

Greg shook his head and walked in passed Tim and sat on the sofa.

Tim brought a cup of coffee to Greg and handed to him.

Taking the coffee, Greg said,"Thanks!"

"Ooh, when did you become so polite to me?" quipped Tim. Though Greg's appearance hadn't changed much, his character seemed to have changed a lot since he returned from abroad. Greg always seemed

ad called Greg to ask him what happened, but Greg didn't answer for two weeks. When he had finally gotten through to Greg, his first words were to tell Tim not to ask him anything about Violet. If Tim asked about Violet, Greg would break off relations with Tim.

Consequently, Tim never dares ask. When they did speak, they both avoided talking about Violet, as if she had never existed. But today, to Tim's shock, Greg took the initiative, and not only spoke about Violet but, it appeared the two were back together!

"Yes," Greg bit out before clamping his mouth shut and going silent.

For a moment, Tim deliberated and then asked,"Did you run into her when you returned home?"

"Yes," Greg responded.

"She isn't married yet, and you?managed?to swindle her into liking you, again?" Tim questioned. The news was unbelievable and he thought, 'He's such a lucky brat!' Tim had a girlfriend in junior high school. She had gotten married a few years ago, and he thought her son was about two years old now. Hearing that Greg had reunited with Violet was not news he ever expected. Tim just kept thinking how lucky Greg was!

"Kind of," Greg nodded. He wasn't sure if he would call himself lucky. He only knew that once he had Violet, he would have the world!

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