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   Chapter 672 Move In With Me (Part Two)

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"No, I didn't see it before," Greg grinning wickedly as he said, wanting to see her reaction to him teasing her.

"How about now?" Violet asked looking up at the side of Greg's face, waiting for him to answer.

"Now?" repeated Greg, pretending to not know what she meant.

"Yes!" stated Violet nodding her head. When he still didn't answer, Violet anxiously grabbed Greg's arm, tugging it strongly. Huffing she said,"I want to know! Tell me, this instant!"

"Fine, fine! Yes! Okay, I'm driving! Be a good girl and knock it off! Okay?" Greg said hastily to stop her. If Violet shook his arm harder, he may lose control of the steering wheel.

"Okay, I'll stop. But, you have to answer me! In your heart, what kind of a person am I?" Violet let go of his arm, but she watched Greg, waiting for his answer.

Since he was driving, Greg looked at the road ahead but said her name with affection,"Violet," in a sincere manner he said,"You are the best part of my heart, always. I trust you, and I believe you have your reasons for anything you do. Additionally, I know your family values education, and I identify with it highly. You're not like other girls. You are special! And for me, in my life, you are the most cherished person!"

The sweet words warmed Violet's heart. She trusted him as much as he trusted her!

"Greg, I feel the same way. I cherish you the most!" Violet admitted fondly.

Smiling, Greg turned to Violet, quickly, before looking ahead again. He kept his left hand on the wheel and took Violet's hand in his other hand. He stroked her soft skin with his thumb while asking her,"Do you still remember what we agreed to when we were younger? We would compose the most beautiful life - hand in hand!"

Her heart sk

n, we shared the same pair of pants in junior high school, remember! It's like we were one soul in two bodies, and our friendship should be as intimate, right?" Tim whined dramatically.

"Knock it off! You borrowed the pair of pants from me, and I had no heart to wear it once again after that. That's not literally sharing the same pair. If you ever dare to speak to others in this way, rendering them to misunderstand, I will never let you live it down!" Greg warned Tim sternly. But inwardly, those were happy moments when he and his best friend were as close as brothers.

"Whoa! Fine, yes, anything you say!" promised Tim right away. He was worried Greg would really get angry. Then, in a serious timbre, he said,"How about you come over right away and pick up your key. Then, you can tour your new home? I know you will love it!"

"Okay, where are you at?" asked Greg.

"I'm at my hotel. Do you remember my room number?" Tim asked. Greg had been there since returning home and should remember his residence.

Greg hung up without responding.

Only hearing a busy tone coming from the phone, Tim shrugged his shoulders and clicked end on his end.

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