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   Chapter 671 Move In With Me (Part One)

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Looking into Violet's eyes, he noticed the look of concern, her brows were knitted, and the lines etched near her lips echoed that she was worried about something. Greg put his arm around her shoulder and consoled,"You don't need to worry dear! Now, all you need to do is let your family know about our relationship and see what they think."

Violet gazed adoringly into Greg's eyes, nodding she replied bravely,"I will."

Greg got the answer he expected and smiled encouragingly at Violet.

"Now, I think it's about time for us to go have lunch. I reserved a table for us," Greg said tenderly, as he took Violet's hand in his and they walked out of the office.

After pulling over and parking outside the restaurant, Greg got out of the car and walked around to Violet's side. He opened the door for her, and extended his arm, palm up to take her hand, helping her out of the car.

Looking at the outside of the expensive looking restaurant, Violet was surprised, and her eyes widened.

"Do we have to dine at such an extravagant place?" asked Violet. She hadn't expected Greg to take her to such a fancy place for lunch, 'It's too extravagant!' she thought.

Instead of answering Violet, Greg walked up beside her, took her hand and looking into her eyes deeply, he affectionately asked,"Is it superior? Then it deserves you, a noble young lady, to be dining here!"

"Greg, how about we find another restaurant? I'd like it to be simple..." Before she could finish her words, Greg interrupted her.

"You must have come to such a place before, right?" asked Greg. Having grown up in such an influential, noble family, Greg couldn't believe that Violet had never been to a five star restaurant before. Even though she now lived a quiet, simple life, she must have had such experiences when

et asked puzzled, wondering why Greg wanted to know. 'Why did he ask where I am spending the night?' Violet wondered silently.

"I have to pick you up in the morning, don't I? So, I have to know where you will be, right? So I don't go to the wrong place," explained Greg.

Hearing that, a?warm feeling flooded Violet. She turned and looked at Greg asking,"So you decided you will be picking me up every day?"

"Of course I am! To me, in my heart, picking you up daily is as important as working!" Greg said, leaving Violet thinking he was a very sweet talker.

Violet pondered a second before saying,"I think I will be going back to my Uncle's house after I visit with Lily and Bill. After all, the place has been empty a long time, and it will be too bleak being there alone. I prefer the atmosphere of having a family around."

"It appears my girl is very dutiful," Greg kidded, but, in his heart, he was very proud of her. No matter what she decided, said or how she interacted with others, he trusted her immensely.

"Greg, what was that? Didn't you think I was dutiful before?" Violet muttered unpleasantly while wondering, 'Does he doubt me? Is this the first day he is meeting me?'

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