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   Chapter 670 Marrying You (Part Three)

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"I just came here," Violet answered innocently. She didn't want Greg to misunderstand her in any manner. 'This man is so bossy that I feel so trapped, ' she thought to herself.

Greg put his pen down, rose and moved up to Violet.

Standing in front of Violet, Greg stretched out as he pulled her in his arms.

Greg lowered his head and looked at Violet. "Don't you know that you are very late?" he asked trying to intimidate her.

"Late, are you serious?" Violet retorted. Struggling to break out of Greg's arms, she said,"Let go of me! This is a hospital. If anyone sees us like this they are going to gossip."

"It's normal if I hug my love. No one dares to gossip," Greg replied casually.

"Can you stop acting so bossy, Greg Xiao?" Violet whined, frowning. 'What's wrong with him? Why does he always try to dominate me?' she wondered.

"What did you just call me?" Greg asked in a serious tone. 'This woman has dared to call my full name, ' he said to himself.

"Greg Xiao. I do not think you have any other name," Violet replied with a smug smile on her face. She understood what Greg meant. 'I usually call him Greg, but today I called his full name. He must have got irritated by now, ' she giggled inside.

"Do you think it is proper if you call out my full name?" Greg asked. 'This woman knows what I mean. She just tries to play dumb in front of me, ' he said to himself.

"What do you mean by that? Can you please explain? Is it illegal if I call you Greg Xiao?" Violet snapped, pouting. 'I'd like to see how this bossy man is going to respond to this, ' she snickered inwardly.

"Violet you are not allowed to call my name and that is confirmed by law," Greg decla

notice the amazement and delight in his woman's eyes. He answered calmly,"You don't have to worry about her. It doesn't matter as long as my father agrees to the alliance. I don't care about her opinion."

"But she is also your family," Violet said, as she lowered her voice. For her, Sharon was a special person whom she couldn't ignore just like that. 'He may have no idea that I met Sharon five years ago and I know her, ' she said to herself.

"So what? It's my marriage. She has nothing to do with it," Greg expressed with a determined air. Noticing the concern on Violet's face, he assured her,"As for the Gu family, there is no need to worry. I have made myself clear to them. Tina already knows about our relationship."

"What did she say after you told her about this?" Violet asked, looking worried. In her eyes, Tina was a very persistent person. 'Will she just stand by and watch us getting married?' she wondered.

"Who cares?" Greg responded indifferently. 'She means nothing to me. Why should I care about what she is thinking or feeling?' he thought.

"Well, um, I see," Violet replied in a low voice.

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