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   Chapter 669 Marrying You (Part Two)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 5570

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"Perhaps. I'll wait and see if I ever get such an opportunity. Thank you for telling me so much, Mrs. Qin," Carol said with a diplomatic laugh.

"It's fine. I'm glad that I could be of some help," Mrs. Qin replied.

"I will treat you to tea someday," Carol said

"Okay, sure, see you later," Mrs. Qin said.

After Carol hang up the phone, her heart felt heavier. 'It seems that Violet's background is more complicated than we've imagined, and we're getting our hands on a big problem. But luckily she has agreed to leave my son after he has been discharged from the hospital. She will keep her promise, which makes me feel satisfied. After my son will get back to working in GR Group, I will focus my attention on helping my daughter, ' she thought carefully.

'I can't lay a hand on Violet. Otherwise, I will have to face the music, ' she told herself.

In the ward, Violet sat on the edge of the bed telling Roger the latest business news. She hoped that after Roger was released from the hospital she would be able to join the company again.

Standing at the door, Carol could see Violet attending to Roger carefully and telling him what had happened in GR Group. At this moment, she found Violet a little less annoying. Perhaps it was because she now knew Violet's real identity.

Carol walked inside the ward.

"Hello, Mom," Roger greeted happily and tried to force a smile on his face, as soon as he noticed his mother.

Violet also rose from her seat and turned around. "Mrs. Carol," she addressed politely.

"Hello," Carol greeted back with a nod. Turning herself to Roger, she asked,"How are you? Are you feeling better today?"


d Tina can't be of any help. I know you need to take care of other things in the company. I understand how difficult it is for you. You don't owe me any apology."

Looking into Roger's eyes, Carol knew now that her son didn't blame her for not visiting him often. She felt satisfied that she had such an obedient son.

"Take good care of yourself, son. I hope you get well soon," Carol said affectionately.

"I hope so too. In this way, I can return to the company and help you deal with the crucial matters," Roger replied.

Violet reached Greg's office and caught sight of him. Greg was sitting down on his chair, playing with his pen in a relaxed manner.

Greg took a glimpse of Violet who was standing at the door. He invited,"Come in, Violet!"

Hearing Greg call out her name, Violet came inside and went close to him.

"Why were you standing there?" Greg asked sternly. 'Doesn't she realize that she is so late? Roger's ward is quite close to my office. Technically speaking, she was supposed to be here within five minutes. But it has taken her fifteen minutes to be here, ' he pondered.

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