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   Chapter 668 Marrying You (Part One)

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"Tina, don't do anything stupid, do you hear me?" Carol said as she stared at her daughter.

'My daughter would never get Greg if her rival is going to be Violet. Although Violet is not so much a problem, her family is not something we can handle. Once we piss her off, her father Jackson will get upset too. In this way, our family will make enemies not only in the business circle but in the military circle as well, ' Carol thought.

After returning to her room, Carol took out her phone and quickly dialed a number.

"Hello, Mrs. Carol," a woman's voice could be heard from the other line.

"Hello, Mrs. Qin, do you think it will be ok for you to talk with me now?" Carol asked with a courteous smile. In her eyes, Mrs. Qin was on good terms with all the rich ladies of the elite circle. Besides, she was her confidant. That was why Carol thought it was best if she enquired from her about the Chu family.

"Oh, yes what's up? Do you have any problem?" Mrs. Qin asked in a soft tone.

"I want to know about the Chu family and the JC Group if possible," Carol blurted frankly. In front of Mrs. Qin, she thought it was better if she talked directly.

"Are you talking about the Chu family?" Mrs. Qin mumbled in surprise. After getting over the shock, she asked,"Tell me, what do you want to know?"

"What all do you know about the JC Group? How about Jackson and Cherry? Are they difficult to talk and speak to?" Carol asked with a hesitant expression, hopeful of something pleasant to hear.

Mrs. Qin hesitated for some time, and then finally answered Carol's words.

"Carol, now that you have asked, I will tell you everything that I know off. The JC Group can be considered as the leader of four leading enterprises of the city. Nowadays many pe

hew get this position." Mrs. Qin replied.

"Well, I see," Carol returned. She did have a better knowledge of the Chu family.

"Don't underestimate Cherry. She is much more capable than Selina. Now that Jackson loves her wholeheartedly, I think, she must be an admirable woman. Besides, perhaps she has a better business sense than Selina. In a word, Cherry isn't an easy woman to deal with," Mrs. Qin added.

"Well, I see," Carol nodded.

"Why are you suddenly so interested in the Chu family?" Mrs. Qin asked, confused. "Have you offended the Chu family?" she continued assumingly.

"Of course not," Carol answered immediately,"I just wanted to know more about the Chu family. I was wondering if I can ever get a chance to work with them."

"Oh, I see," Mrs. Qin replied, as she heaved a deep sigh of relief. She then said,"You need to take chances to get close to the Chu family. Our company is a listed company for decades in this city, but we still did not have the honor to work with them. But you can give it a try. GR Group has expanded its business in the past few years and it has a promising future. Perhaps they might be ready to cooperate with you."

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