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   Chapter 664 Clarify The Relationship (Part Three)

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Greg grabbed Violet's arms before she could move.

"Are you upset?" Greg asked. Greg felt awful when she talked to him with a calm voice but with no smile. He hurt her and he wanted to make things right before she left.

Violet avoided Greg's eyes and shook her head.

"Please look at me. Are you angry with me?" Greg pulled Violet back into the car to face him.

Violet tried to hide her emotions before she looked into Greg's eyes,"No."

"Okay, I'm sorry. I won't ask again. Please don't be mad, okay?" Greg spoke in a low, hushed voice. He just wanted to make her happy.

"Okay," Violet nodded and forced a smile at Greg. "We need to go inside now. Mr. Gu is probably looking for me already."

"Let's have lunch together," Greg invited her.

Violet answered with a small smile,"Okay."

Greg waited for Violet to enter her department before he reported for work in his department.

Violet arrived at the wards and went straight to Roger's room. He was still asleep when she got there so she carefully pushed open the door to enter.

Despite the quiet entrance, Roger still woke up when Violet came closer. He smiled at the sight of Violet by his bed with his food. She was no longer just in his dreams but already here, by his side.

"Violet," Roger called out.

"Mr. Roger, I'm so sorry I woke you up," Violet apologized and placed his food on his table. She stayed by his bed and focused on him.

"Well, you always arrive at this time so I was already waiting for you," Roger declared. Roger looked forward to Violet's arrival every morning. It was the best part of his day.

"Are you hungry? Did you eat already? Let me get you some

reg had never defended any woman before and that was the first time she saw him did that, for you. You have a special bond with each other, don't you, Violet?" Roger kept pressing Violet for answers. He couldn't sleep because of what happened yesterday. Regardless of Tina, it looked like he and Greg might be fighting for the same woman.

"Mr. Roger," Violet pressed for time and hoped to change the subject once and for all. But she knew she had to tell him, one of these days, that she had chosen Greg.

"Greg and I are classmates and we've known each other for a long time," Violet answered.

Roger asked before Violet could say anything else. "Is he your boyfriend?"

Roger thought it might hurt less if he said it out loud instead of Violet but it didn't. His mind was a mess last night and it became even messier now. How could he move on when his day started with such terrible news so early in the morning?

Violet paused but eventually nodded. "Yes."

When he heard Violet's answer, he turned around and avoided her eyes.

The silence in the room was deafening even while no one spoke.

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