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   Chapter 661 For A Father's Approval (Part Two)

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"Dad, I don't give you grief about Sharon. I see that she takes good care of you, and everything she's done for the family over the past few years, and I am certain she is perfect for you. I don't care about the money you spend on her, and I have accepted her. As long as she does not interfere with my life, I will respect her as an elder," said Greg seriously,"Although she is surely a member of our family, I must insist that you don't tell her about Violet. Violet is the woman I love, so, I have to do everything to protect her. I can't let her suffer any harm."

Fred nodded and said,"Okay, I understand."

Looking into his son's eyes, Fred promised,"I promise you I won't tell Sharon. I don't want to interfere with your personal affairs, but, you must pay attention to the Gu Family. They may not give up so easily."

"I know what sort of person Tina is, and what she might do. I won't let her hurt Violet," informed Greg. If Tina dared target Violet, her whole family would suffer.

Fred stood up, and went over to his son. Patting his son on shoulder he said,"I have faith in you. You have are a grown up Greg, and I know there are things you can handle yourself."

"Dad, will you disagree to me marrying Violet?" Greg asked his Father out of the blue. He wanted to take this opportunity to clear things up between him and his Dad.

"Have you decided to?" Fred looked at his son in surprise. Wasn't it too fast for him to decide to marry? After all, Greg had been back for only a few days.

"Well, as long as you agree to it, we can get a marriage certificate," Greg said straightforward. He knew this was all conjecture, since, he had not discussed any of it with Violet yet, and didn't even know her thoughts.

"Is the Chu family in agreement with this?" Fred asked narrowing his eyes thoughtfully. He was satisfied with Violet, after all, the child was raised and educated by Jackson and Cherry. He didn't care about the scars on Violet if his son didn't care. He was okay and would agree as long as his son wanted to marry her.

"I have a good reputation, and our family is a good family. Why wouldn't the Chu family agree?" Greg declared praising himself. If he were a member of the Chu family, he would be satisfied with a son-in-law that was part of the Xiao family. Why wouldn't they agree?

Fred smiled

rrectly, 'What? Not date, but marry?'

"Greg, this is your marriage, and it's a big deal. You have to be cautious. For her to be our daughter-in-law, she has to..." Sharon's words were cut off by Greg's angry tone,"WHAT? Are you saying Violet is not good enough?" Greg stared daggers at Sharon.

"No, no, not at all," Sharon backtracked,"It's just that compared to Tina, whether in appearance or background, well, Violet might be very good, but she..."

"If we dress her up, do you think Tina would still be better-looking than Violet?" Greg cut Sharon off asking. Tina wore famous brands and used top of the line skincare products and cosmetics. If Violet was dressed up like Tina, she would be a thousand times more beautiful.

"Not at all, she looks beautiful when she dresses up," Sharon admitted that Violet was really good-looking, but that was not what she was worried about,"I just think that if you married Tina, we would be relatives to the Gu family. Since Mrs. Gu appears at many social situations, and that the Xiao family would be noticed by many people, then I would be introduced to the wealthy ladies."

By the time Sharon finished explaining her reasoning, she grown a little shy. Her ultimate goal was just as she said, and if Tina and Greg weren't wed, her plan would fail.

"Well, why do you want to be introduced to those wealthy ladies? Isn't your life good enough as it is? You can have whatever you want to eat and wear. That should be enough!" Fred interrupted suddenly. Since he agreed with his son, he had to help him.

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