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   Chapter 660 For A Father's Approval (Part One)

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"Greg, are you insulting me?" The expression on Tina's was distorted and she even wanted to walk up to Greg and slap him soundly.

Tina's spontaneous reaction was stopped by Carol, who took her daughter's arm and calmly warned," You know the consequences of offending the GR Group, right?"

"Yes, I am aware," Greg said blithely. Carol's threat didn't intimidate him at all," I just hope that you target me, alone, and not uninvolved parties."

Unable to control herself any long, Tina screeched," Greg, I won't let Violet get away with this."

Greg glared angrily at Tina, shouting back," Don't you dare harm her! You won't get away with it!" He wouldn't allow anyone to harm Violet.

"Really? We'll see about that," Tina angrily said meeting Greg's gaze.

All the sudden Fred's angry voice rang through the room," Tina!"

Tina turned her angry stare to Fred wanting to hear what he had to say.

"You would be wise to leave Violet alone. If you were to attempt to harm her, it would damage your family, and you would be unable to bear the consequences," Fred informed her. Knowing Violet's family background and relationship, he knew, whether it was Jackson, Cherry, or one of their good friends, Wilson, Selina, Derek or Mond, their love for Violet was on par with the love for their children. If something happened to Violet, they would not stand idly by. Even if the Yuwen Family and the Lu Family did not intervene, and it was only Jackson, the Gu Family would be destroyed.

"Fred, are you supporting your son's decision? You just promised your support to my daughter's marriage to your son though!" said Carol surprised when Fred changed sides so quickly and spoke for Violet.

Hearing Carol's words, Sharon hurriedly approached Fred, taking hold of his arm, and said," Right, husband, you just promised Mrs Carol you would support Tina and Greg's marriage."

"Yes, I just gave my promise, but now, I have to reconsider it," stated Fred. He hadn't expected his son to truly love Violet. He thought his son wasn't in love when he promised, and that Tina would nurture a good relationship since they had known each other for a long time. Now, it seemed that everything was not as he had perceived. He didn't want to fight his son. He wanted his son to be happy, so, he needed to respect his son's opinions.

"Fred, yo

asked while watching Greg.

"Yes," replied Greg," Dad, I once told you that I wanted to heal her wounds. All these years, everything I do is for her."

In light of his son's love, Fred had nothing to say. This love might very well be deeply ingrained in his son's heart, so whatever he said would be pointless.

Since his Dad did not speak, Greg explained," Dad, I just didn't want you to tell them Violet's background because I am worried they will spread rumors in the business circle if they know. Violet wants a quiet life and doesn't want to be concerned by what others say, and I don't want to destroy her peace. The less people who know her family background, the better."

Understanding Greg's intentions, Fred nodded. If it had been up to him, Fred would hope Violet lived in an environment where no one focused on her appearance too. That way, she wouldn't focus on what happened in her childhood and life would be easier for her.

"Shouldn't I tell your stepmother?" Fred suddenly asked. Sharon was a member of their family. He would feel sorry if he couldn't tell her the truth.

"No, we can't let her know," Greg resolutely stated," You know her. To hobnob with the circle of wealthy ladies, she used to flatter Carol. If she discovered who Violet is, she would want to tell everyone!"

Fred was silent as he mulled things over. He was torn about not telling her. Sharon and he had been sharing the same bed for many years, and he had never kept anything from her, except for things about work, but, she wasn't interested in his work.

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