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   Chapter 659 I Always Remember Her Merits (Part Two)

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Sharon was stunned into silence. 'How can I put an end to this?' she wondered.

Carol and Tina looked at the scene in front of them, not knowing how to react.

Sharon felt helpless. She turned to look at Fred, who had a strange expression on his face. She grew even more bewildered.

"Fred, what's wrong with you?" Sharon asked him. There was apparently something wrong with Fred. His face was pale.

Sharon's voice made Carol and Tina glance in the direction of Fred.

"Are you okay?" Carol too was puzzled at the expression on his face.

Fred shook his head, as if coming back to reality. He mumbled,"Violet, she... she is...."

"Dad," Greg interrupted his father at once. It seemed that Carol and Tina had no idea about Violet's background, and he wanted to keep it that way. He especially didn't want Tina to know. Greg knew her character well. If Tina got to know that Violet had scars on her body, she wouldn't miss the opportunity to exact her revenge.

Fred took one look at his son and retracted his words.

"I can tell you now, I won't marry Tina. Not ever," Greg said, firm in his decision. He was unshakable in his belief that he wanted to marry Violet and only Violet.

Fred could tell his son was determined from the look in his eyes. He still couldn't forget the day Greg had told him about his dream for the future.

It was a night when Fred slept beside Greg as always. As a single parent, Fred tried to spend all his time off work with his son. He knew Greg didn't have maternal love in his life. All Fred could do as a father was make up for it through his own love. He might not be able to compensate for it completely, but he didn't want his son to feel the absence of a maternal figure.

Greg lay in the bed but did not close his eyes. Instead, he stared at his father.

"Greg, what's wrong?" Fred noticed that his son didn't fall asleep and knew he was deep in thought.

"Dad, do you think Violet's scars can be removed?" Greg asked with all seriousness. It was not a joke to him.

Fred looked at his son's earnest eyes and did not want to lie. He shook his head and said,"There is no cure for her currently in the country. Her scar is not a burn. It requires advanced technology and surgery to be treated. There should be an opportunity abroad a few years later."

"Dad, I don't want to learn how to draw. I want to become a docto

rrowing his gaze. He didn't understand what Carol meant.

"I convinced Violet to promise me that she would leave Roger and the GR Group after he gets discharged from the hospital. It seems to me that in protecting my son, I lost my daughter's happiness," Carol said. What she did was not as simple as driving Violet away. It destroyed her own daughter's happiness.

"Oh," Greg commented shortly. His lips lifted into a smile. Violet did not tell him about any of this. That little girl always loved him in her heart, didn't she? Greg looked at Carol and continued,"Then I would like to thank you, Aunt, for helping me," he continued. "To tell you the truth, I am still worried that Roger is out to ruin my bliss."

"Greg, you... you..." Tina was angry, having never been treated like this before. She always got what she wanted. Greg was being so arrogant today, showing off his love for another woman in front of her. Was he testing her patience?

"I really don't know what it is about that woman. Both you and my brother are fascinated by her. My brother told me this morning that she was the only girl who ever made his heart beat so fast. Now, you are telling me that you love her. Really? What's so special about her?" Tina nearly shouted out.

"Everything about her is special. I love her for who she is." Greg said, his gaze sliding from Carol to Tina. He faced her with resolution. "Miss Tina, I can only apologize to you," he said. "I won't marry you. Let's not contact each other in the future. I would like to say let's remain friends but you're not one, either."

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