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   Chapter 658 I Always Remember Her Merits (Part One)

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Violet had no choice but to sit down and accept her aunt's trial.

"Auntie, what would you like to ask?" she lowered her head and asked in a timid voice.

"Are you two in love with each other?" Selina didn't mince words. She wanted to get a straightforward answer instead of talking in a roundabout way.

"Auntie!" Violet raised her head in surprise and stared at her aunt. She knew that Selina was a businesswoman, but she was surprised at how she was able to sense her relationship with Greg. Selina was truly amazing - an all-powerful queen, even greater than her mother.

"Tell me the truth, are you two together?" Selina didn't get the answer she wanted, so she repeated her question.

"Auntie, am I... am I not allowed to fall in love with boys?" Violet asked, the caution evident in her voice. In the period her mother was away, her aunt had always taken care of her. Violet would be grateful for her opinion.

"Of course you are allowed to fall in love. Greg would suit you very much. He is good-looking. I heard he is very talented too," Selina said casually, looking into the distance. She didn't turn her head to look at Violet, but she knew her niece was smiling at this answer.

"Really, Auntie? You really think so?" Violet asked her with a grin.

"Have I ever told you a lie?" Selina said, still keeping her gaze ahead.

"No," Violet said without hesitation. It was not easy to get her aunt's approval, so she was happy. It meant the approval of her entire family too.

"But," Selina interrupted, realizing something all of a sudden. She turned to look at Violet. "Didn't you tell me that Greg had a fiancee? Tina? What about her?"

Violet's mood dampened at the mention of Tina. "Greg told me that he would handle it. He asked me not to worry," she said, suddenly sober.

Selina thought for a while and nodded. "Right. Yes, I suppose he'd be able to handle it."

She continued,"Violet, you are not worse than Tina. If you and Greg are really in love, I won't allow the Gu Family to bring harm to you."

"Auntie," Violet said with determination. "I didn't have much confidence

d. 'How would I know a young woman?' he thought.

"She's Violet Chu, my ex-girlfriend," Greg said, pronouncing each word with care. He added,"Oh, wait. She is my girlfriend again now."

Fred was stunned at VIolet's name. Violet Chu? Jackson Chu's daughter!

"Greg, you have a girlfriend?!" Carol stood up, fuming. Violet had left a bad impression on her. She promised to leave Carol's son alone. But now, the girl had her eyes on Carol's future son-in-law! What about Tina? What would happen to her?

"Yes, I always have had one," Greg said, undaunted. They had been separated for five years, but what of it? According to him, Violet had always been his girlfriend.

Sharon, who had been standing still and hadn't uttered a word yet, finally spoke out. "No, no, no, no, no, no," she grabbed Carol's arm. "We only have one daughter-in-law. Greg is just talking nonsense! Don't worry, Carol, I won't let Greg marry anyone other than Tina."

At this, Carol seemed to breathe a little better. 'Tina is way better than that low-class hussy!' she thought.

Seeing Carol calm down, Sharon turned to Greg. "Greg, don't even think about it," she warned him, taking hold of his arm. "Your marriage with Tina has long been decided -"

Greg shook off Sharon's hands before she could finish talking and stared at her angrily,"Have you ever asked for my opinion? Who is the one getting married? You or me?"

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