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   Chapter 657 Meeting Aunt Selina For The First Time (Part Three)

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Greg nodded his head in agreement. He then suddenly thought of something and asked,"Well, is Austin still abroad?"

"You are talking about Austin, the brat?" Violet felt a little surprised that Greg would ask something about Austin. "He is having fun abroad and is reluctant to return. Even if he returns home, my Aunt Selina will keep an eye on him and make rules which mean that he will not be so free. Now he is abroad and can do whatever he wants to do, what a wonderful life it is for him!" replied Violet.

Greg grinned to that and agreed with what Violet said,"You are right! There is so much fun staying abroad and everyone likes that lifestyle."

"Then why did you come back from abroad? I thought you would stay there all your life!" Violet questioned him.

It was not until Violet finished the sentence that she realized something was seriously wrong and she hastily turned to look at Greg's side face.

A strange expression could be seen on Greg's face and he didn't seem so relaxed now.

"Because the goal of my life is here and..." It took some time for Greg to think before he continued,"my father is also here."

Violet gave in to?the silence and kept her gaze outside the window, feeling embarrassed.

Just when both of them had no idea of what to say, they reached Wilson's villa. Violet said to Greg,"I am going home."

"Okay, I shall call you back!" Greg nodded his head.

At the moment when Violet unfastened the seat belt and was about to get off from the car, she saw Aunt Selina driving her car back.

"My aunt is back," Violet told Greg, as she got off the car.

Greg also caught the sight of the car and he knew that Violet's aunt was Austin's mother Selina. She was kind of elder to him and Greg felt that he should get off the car to greet her since he

l head home!" Violet told Greg.

"Oh, yes," Greg nodded and turned to Selina, saying,"Aunt, I have something very important to do in the hospital, so I will have to leave now!"

"Okay, thank you for dropping Violet home. Be careful while driving!" Selina was very amiable to Greg. He was about the same age as her son, but he seemed much more presentable than Austin from his appearance. She had an indescribable liking to him, just like her own son.

Greg nodded smilingly and then left from there.

Seeing Greg driving away, Violet linked her arms into Selina's and headed home.

When they were sitting on the sofa, Violet was afraid that Selina would ask her something, so she was thinking of an excuse to escape from there.

"You must be so very tired, Aunt? I will get you a glass of water." Saying that Violet hastily stood up, but Selina pulled her back.

Selina grabbed her by the arm and said,"Sit down, Violet! I think I have some questions for you."

Selina pretended to be serious, trying to see how the little girl would react. A beaming smile could be seen on her face especially when she was looking at Greg and Selina was sure that Greg was the person who she loved!

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