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   Chapter 656 Meeting Aunt Selina For The First Time (Part Two)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 6443

Updated: 2019-02-13 01:42

"That sounds okay," Greg pretended to be haughty and lifted his head high. He then asked Violet,"Where is your cellphone?"

"What are you going to do with it?" asked Violet surprised, looking at Greg.

"Take it out!" he ordered.

The moment Violet took out her cell phone, Greg grabbed and snatched it from her.

"Greg, what the hell are you doing?" Violet asked feeling curious.

"Don't you ever try to escape from me. You have to answer my phone call whenever I call you, understood?" Greg tried to boss around in front of Violet.

"I won't listen to you! Tell me why I should do that?" Violet pretended to retort and answer back.

Before she could even react, Greg embraced her waist and pulled her into his arms. Coming close to her, he arrogantly said to Violet,"What? Do you really want to resist me?"

"Yes, why can't I resist you?" Violet showed her reluctance of obeying a famous man like him.

"Do you know that we are now in the hotel and I can't guarantee what I can do to you," Greg threatened her, as he kept coming closer and closer to Violet.

Recognizing what Greg wanted to do, Violet immediately resisted him by her two hands and gave in,"Fine, I will listen to you. I will obey you!"

Greg put on a complacent smile when he saw her look of giving in to his demands,"This is what my woman should really be like."

"Greg, what do you mean, what are you talking about? I am not yours," Violet lowered her head, shyly. But she knew that she had admitted this in her heart.

"Then tell me truly whom you belong to," questioned Greg, with a smile on his face.

"Of course, before I get married, I belong to my parents," Violet replied back in a serious voice.

"How about I marry you tomorrow? Then you will be all mine!" Greg grinned wickedly.

"You wish! I won't say yes until unless you propose to me!" Violet pouted. A fancy proposal was every girl's dream, and she also craved

to the hospital and over there he had hundred and one things to handle.

"You needn't send me home. I can very well take a taxi," Violet hastily said. She was very understanding and didn't want Greg to be exhausted.

Greg didn't blame her for her treating him as an outsider still. Instead, he tousled her hair and said,"My silly girl, only when I send you home safely then I will feel relaxed enough to go to the hospital." He liked her to trouble him!

"Okay," Violet couldn't decline him when she saw the firmness in his eyes. "Then send me to my Uncle Wilson's home."

The security guard drove the car and stopped in front of Greg, giving him a gesture that they could now get into the car.

After they had got into the car, Greg drove it, feeling beaming and happy.

"Why do you want to go to your Uncle Wilson's home instead of being at your own home?" asked Greg, curiously.

"I've not gone home for a long time. My father and mother are not in and my brother is abroad. Only Bill and Lily would be at home and I don't feel like staying with them." Violet shrugged her shoulders and then in a relaxed tone, said,"I like to stay at my Uncle Wilson's home. My grandma and grandpa, Uncle Wilson, Aunt Selina are all there and I can feel the warmth of family there."

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