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   Chapter 654 We Still Love Each Other (Part Three)

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Greg took a step forward and pulled her into his arms, as if worried that she would leave him again.

"Violet, it's enough that you love me," he whispered in her ear. "I will handle everything else. I will face the world and answer for their contempt. Besides, you don't need my family's approval. I want to be with you, and I know you want to be with me. That's enough reasons for us being together." He paused, before continuing,"You silly girl, I love you."

His tender words melted Violet's heart. Only Greg could give her this warmth. No one else could make her feel like this.

Violet decided to tell him one last thing. "Greg, but your step-mother..." She wanted to reveal what happened five years ago. It was the only reason for her guilt and shame. She knew she was to blame for their breakup. She had been tricked by Sharon, but Greg had no clue.

"Violet," Greg interrupted her. She could feel his hot breath on her ear. "I'll deal with everything that keeps us from being together. I only have one request for you: don't leave me again. Promise that you won't leave me."

Greg let her go and stared into her eyes with utmost sincerity. He wanted her commitment in this.

Violet was troubled as she looked at him. She had always put his future first. Like Sharon had said, Violet wouldn't be the suitable wife for him. It was why Violet chose to let him go all those years ago. But Violet hadn't been happy the past five years. She bumped into Greg again only a couple of days ago, but it was obvious he had not forgotten her. He was still in love with her, and Violet still knew him better than anyone else.

'Violet, it's time you put yourself first, like Auntie Selina said, ' she told herself. 'You have lost five years of happiness. You must seize this with your whole heart. Greg loves you so much, probably more than he lo

t, she had never felt shy about saying sweet nothings to Greg. Now, she felt bashful confessing her feelings to him. Violet realized she should act like a lady. They were grown-ups now, after all.

"Oh, is it?" he feigned ignorance. "Then I've never loved you more, Violet," He said. This moment with her was his happiest since he came back to China.

"But Greg, we left the hospital in such a hurry. What would Roger and Tina think?" Violet said after a while with some concern. That had been the first time Violet had met Tina, but the latter had already left a deep impression on her. She knew Tina wouldn't be easy to deal with. How mad would she be once she got to know that Violet was with Greg now?

Greg's smile disappeared. "I'll handle it," he told her. "You just do your thing. If you get bullied, you answer back, just like how you did with your classmates back in school. I'll bear the consequences. Don't let others walk all over you. Understood?"

"Okay," Violet said, nodding. Greg always gave her the strength to deal with things. Violet decided to be more confident in herself and live her life with respect. If Greg protected her, she was sure she would be as happy as she used to be, in no time at all.

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