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   Chapter 652 We Still Love Each Other (Part One)

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Realizing that Violet was worried about him, Roger tried to bear his pain. He gave her a small smile and said,"I'm fine."

Tina saw how close Violet and Roger stood. She immediately walked over to them and tugged at Violet's thin clothes, pulling her away from Roger's bed.

Tina glared at her. "Go away. Stay away from my brother," she shouted at Violet.

Suddenly off-balance, Violet leaned against the wall nearby.

"Tina, what are you doing?" Roger exclaimed, his face contorting in pain as he tried to get up. Tina clearly despised the other woman. His sister had been spoiled by their mother since she was a little girl. She treated those who she disliked with utter disrespect.

Greg peered at Violet and couldn't help the feeling of dark satisfaction that spread in his heart. 'Violet, you wanted to show off how much you care for Roger when I'm right here? Go ahead. I'll see how you continue your little acts of affection now.'

"Roger, I won't allow her to be my future sister-in-law," Tina said, still glaring daggers at Violet.

Tina suddenly noticed the left-over breakfast. She picked up the box and threw it at Violet.

The lunch box hit Violet and the sauce inside leaked on her clothes.

"Violet, you can leave," Tina said. "And don't you ever come back! My brother doesn't need you. I'll hire other people to look after him. Get out of here right now!"

"Tina, shut up!" Roger butted in, yelling. "Don't be so rude to her." He struggled to get out of the bed and help Violet, but was too weak to do anything.

"Roger, why are you protecting her? Look at her. She is so poor. Do you think she deserves to be with you? She must have gotten close to you because of your money. If you were poor like her, she would never have been here with

om Violet's body. His eyes narrowed dangerously at the blonde woman. "Let go of her," he said, forbidding Tina from touching what was his. Violet belonged to him and only he could touch her.

Tina began to panic, her chest heaving. "You, you two..." she trailed off as she realized something. She had never seen Greg protect other people in all the time she had known him. This was the very first instance she had seen him stand up for someone, and it was not for Tina. He was defending that wretched woman.

Greg ignored Tina's confusion. Without wasting any more time, he pulled Violet out of the room.

He marched with her to his office.

"Greg, let me go," Violet pleaded as Greg dragged her. They were attracting a lot of attention in the hospital. It obviously looked like they had something going on and it made Violet uncomfortable.

Greg released Violet once they were inside his office. Without concern for Violet's protests, he took off his white doctor's coat and put on his own jacket instead. He picked up his car keys from the table and grabbed her arm again, pulling her out the door.

Violet struggled against his hold along the way to the parking lot.

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