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   Chapter 651 The Meeting Of Four People (Part Three)

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Greg's indifference didn't frustrate Tina. With a wide smile, she moved in front of him and sat on the armrest of his chair, looking flirtatious. "Greg, I really want you to come with me. My brother has a long time to go before he gets discharged. He will need your help. You can just treat him like he's an ordinary patient, all right?"

"You can go if you want. I won't go," Greg declined her request. Tina still insisted and grabbed his arm again, forcing him to stand up.

"Greg, please come with me. I came to you first just to ask you! Come with me and see my brother!" Not allowing Greg to refuse, Tina pulled him and walked towards the door.

Still unwilling, Greg followed Tina helplessly. 'What was the point? She would not rest until she got what she wanted, ' he thought as they headed for Roger's ward.

Inside Roger's ward, Violet was feeding him the breakfast she had prepared for him. Roger lay on the bed.

He stared at Violet steadily as if he was scared that she could disappear at any moment.

"Hey, open your mouth and eat this, otherwise it will get cold," Violet said to him in a soft voice.

"I like the food you cook for me. I will eat it all," Roger said and smiled with contentment.

"I'll bring breakfast for you every morning. It's the most important meal of the day," Violet told him. She had decided beforehand that she would cook Roger's breakfast while he was at the hospital.

Her words pleased Roger. "Violet, I think this hospitalization is worth it. I am so happy you look after me personally. I even get to eat the food you especially cook for me. You feed me with your own hands," he said.

"Don't talk nonsense!" Violet immediately retorted. "You are a patient here. It's in

"No, I am not bored at all. I am using this opportunity to take some rest,"

He said, looking at Violet again. His eyes brimmed with tender emotion.

"But Vice President Roger, don't you know how much money you will lose if you take one more day off?" Greg said emphatically. He wished Roger could get discharged from the hospital as soon as possible so that Violet didn't have to look after him. Then, Greg wouldn't have to witness these intimate scenes between them. Violet was supposed to belong to him! And here she was, looking after another man. It was an insult to Greg.

Tina watched her brother look at the woman with affection. She could guess what was going on between them. She glared daggers at Violet. "Brother, how do you have such a bad taste? How could you like this woman?" she asked him with ridicule.

"Tina, don't speak like that to Violet," Roger said, becoming agitated. His actions moved the syringe needle. It was so painful that he couldn't help but cry out. "Ouch!"

"Are you okay?" Violet asked Roger, her eyes widening. She was worried about him.

Her concern pleased Roger. But Greg's irritation knew no bounds.

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